Thursday, May 14, 2015

Living Up "5" - Nim Style

I was extremely lucky to be working from home on Tuesday. Extremely. This afforded me some flexibility to get the puppy out on his day. It was time to test walk the foot anyway.

You know, for as much as I talk about the sun...and I am a sun lover, there is something about the spring/fall hikes that probably have more of the emotional trigger for me. It is the smell.

We got our walk in between the rain storms and as you can tell it was still warm. It was wonderful. It just makes me want to hit the trail and not come back for days. Since that is not an option in my life right now, I really really soak in the time I get.

Nim's foot held up well and he was happy.

After his hike, he got a birthday bath. He was thrilled. :)

THEN he got his birthday bacon cheeseburger. The eyes say it all.

It was a good day and gave me the much needed strength for work.

Out of no where we went cold again. My friend and I both had our stoves going at night. The cats begrudgingly even cuddled.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Nim!

Look who is 5 today! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunshine and Snakes

Yes, this post will have photos of snakes. :) But first, a bit about sun!

The last two weekends have been gorgeous weather. Everyone has been soaking it up.

The first weekend in May was sunny, but still a bit cold. Still, in desperation I set up an outside elaborate reading station. I like my picnic bench set up, but sometimes my back needs a break.

Nim loved this. He could lay right next to me under the umbrella. The umbrella is heavy and was balanced in a garbage can full of weeding. It kept falling over and it was a pain in the rear. I need a better system.

This photo is from May 3rd so Nim's foot was still wrapped. He is doing much better this weekend.

This weekend was sunny and MUCH warmer. I have been waiting for my snakes to come out and on Saturday I got to see two of them. As you can see from the blur, this one was particularly uncooperative.

The one in the bush is my favorite. He is actually below my bedroom window. I couldn't figure out what Emile was looking out the window and chattering about, but finally I spotted him. I had no idea they would come off the ground like that and settle in bushes.

This weekend was too short...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hooray May! (Nim goes to the vet...again)

For whatever reason I had it in my mind that today was going to be super hot and sunny. It wasn't. But it didn't rain either.

Thursday was a LONG day for me and by the time I stopped working around 10:30 at night I realized my dog had a limp. :| I couldn't see really anything wrong, so we went to bed and I figured I would deal with it in the morning.

This morning Nim had a fat little foot. A friend of mine, well versed in Nim's issues, suggested maybe some sort of allergy. So I hoped for a bee sting and started the benedryl. The problem is my vet is way over booked right now so I was trying to avoid an ER trip or forcing my way into their schedule. I still talked to them around 8am to talk options and tell them what I was seeing.

Around 1:30 I did a second dose of benedryl and soaked the foot. I was bargaining - deep down I knew this wasn't getting any better.

Soaking the foot was possibly the best thing I had ever done to Nim in Emile's mind. He could hardly stand it. He kept circling and reaching in to tap at the water.

After the soak, I gave up and called the vet back to try and squeeze in. The foot hadn't gone down and if anything I had a raised lump.

We had to lance the darn thing and wrap it. Since he has had 6 benedryl today he is quite tired. I can't imagine the foot feels great either, but at least it is not broken or sprained (dobermans are notorious for injuring toes).

I am hoping it will look better soon. It is hard to say what is wrong, but we are thinking some foreign body got stuck up in the webbing.

Come on sun! I have some plants that need planting...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tomato Plants and Dog Puzzles

In honor of Earth Day, my friend gave me two tomato plants! Look at that super cute small one. I can hardly wait to get them in the garden and watch them fruit.

Apparently someone else couldn't wait either.


Tomato plants are now surrounded by a wall of nalgenes until it warms up enough for planting.

We have had some sunny days and some really rainy ones. On a rainy one, Nim got his meaty bone and Emile was right there for assisting.

I also ordered another dog puzzle for Nim. When we got to All the Best in Issaquah, Nim knows exactly where the "play section" of the store is. I know. Anyway, they have all these puzzles out and he liked this one known as "Dog Brick."

Turns out, I can fit an entire meal + vitamins in this toy. That is a big plus. I have some puzzle toys that can hold entire meals while some are smaller treat ones.

I have started paying more attention to how he solves these. I wonder if all dogs are sequential? It isn't just this toy I have noticed it on. Once he decides an approach he seems to complete it. For example, all the center bones first...or on this other slide toy he has, he systematically slides them all the same direction first, and then goes back the other way.

I will leave you with a cute snuggle photo. Just because.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

I have a really fond memory of my first Earth Day celebration. I was in college at the University of Washington. Reading the history of Earth Day, it looks like it has been around a lot longer than that, but I certainly don't remember doing anything at school for it like they do now.

Maybe I need to get a garden start today. I won't be able to plant today, so I can do my celebrating later in the week. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday Chores

This weekend has brought beautiful weather to help me ease into my change of schedule. Fortunately I woke up Saturday feeling more like myself.

I got up, cut my hair, cleaned my car, and then moved Nim and myself outside for a day. I regret not getting anything to plant over the weekend, but I still had plenty of other yard chores to do.

First big task...the cleaning of the roof. This is the first year I haven't been able to do it in one session. I kind of pooped out. I will be back up there today.

View from the roof:

Then I sucked it up and at least started into the study system for the CPA exam section I plan to try - FAR. I am scared but motivated.

Finally after 3pm I took pity on Nim and brought him into the house for a nap since he couldn't settle enough to sleep in the yard. Yes, it is also curtain cleaning day as you can tell by the piles. I should clean the windows too, but I don't see it happening this weekend.

Nim was exhausted. He hasn't had a full day outdoors and fully free like that in a long time.

I have settled on a quilt pattern and hope to at least start cutting tonight. For a fleeting second I contemplated moving my quilting stuff outside, but that is way too much work and I still have the second half of the roof to work on.