Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer In April Means Early Planting

Tax day has passed and I am starting to feel more myself. Nim has been enjoying the extra attention and we are having a bizarrely warm week, so he is getting a lot of outside time.

Arte has also been over a lot. On Tuesday she laid close and waited for her chance to steal Nim's bully stick. If you follow me on Instagram you know she got it.

Today she came out again to hang with Nim and keep him company while I planted my gardens.

I took my gift card to Squak Mt. Nursery and loaded up on EB Stone Organic Compost (which is probably my favorite one so far). If nothing else, it helps deal with my dense soil. Arte did a lot of supervising which looks suspiciously like judging, and Nim kept trying to sneak in and lick the Mulch...aka manure.

I have two new plants to try so far this season. One is a Mistletoe Kalette. I am beyond excited about this. A cross between a Brussels Sprout and Kale? Be still my beating heart. However. Since I don't bother to research my plants before I buy them it sounds like it might be a garden hog like the Brussels Sprout were. And I didn't even get any Brussels is that deal, just giant, shade producing leaves. I better get little Kalettes.

My youngest sister had interest in something called an Aloha Berry (White Carolina or Pineberry). I put it next to one of my strawberries from last year. Somehow I managed to not kill any of my strawberries over the winter so perhaps this plant has promise. It won't really fruit until the second year.

As always, I got some flower baskets going as well.

I want to expand one of my garden boxes which is probably not the best idea given my growing abilities, but it sure is fun trying. We have some rain coming in tonight which actually would be a good thing for all my planting!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Blink and It's April!

March felt like it would never end and now it is over. For me, that also means the end of tax season on the horizon.

After days of endless rain the sun has been fantastic this week.

Things are blooming and I am looking forward to some gardening.

The cats could hardly contain themselves when the sun spot was big enough for both of them at the same time. No hissing involved.

It is nice to come home from work and have some daylight and sun for playing in the yard.

I am not an April Fool's prankster by nature, but this evening I was on my Mom's Netflix account and was trying to make sense of section after confusing section that started with "John Stamos..." I finally laughed. Well played Netflex. Well played.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilting and Henna

I keep meaning to blog, but by the time I get done with work, computer time is the last thing I want to do with whatever free time I have. I have managed to quilt (and knit) during tax season however, and even finished a quilt!

The quilt pattern is from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site. I will definitely be trying other patterns there. I have been on her e-mail list for a long time, but this is the first quilt pattern of hers I have tried. As you can tell, Easter played heavily into the back and binding color decisions.

Other creative outlets are including henna! These are some items purchases from Sarahenna. She is the one I go to when I want designs done. The world of henna kits has greatly changed as has the amount of available information! I never knew the role essential oils actually played in mixing the henna. I just assumed it was about a smell. Getting to mix my own henna, with my own touches (green tea that night) was extremely satisfying...a bit like baking.

The bottle is another matter. My goal is to get into cones as soon as possible and to take some classes. I want to be able to draw a finer line. There is also the small matter that I am not exactly an artist. With the internet however it really is amazing how much more you can do on your own. By the time last week was done both of my feet and the larger portion of one leg were "decorated." As I write this post, I have brewed some black tea for me to drink, and mix another batch of henna.

This has been a busy month. I feel like I shuffle between work and dog training a lot. Not a bad life though and I do obviously take time for creative stuff. I am officially in the last 30 days of tax season so I am happy about that too.

My friend brought me this card from France. Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rainy Monday

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you are enjoying this season of Lent. For some reason I thought today was going to be dry, it appears I was wrong.

My friend made me this flower pot for my birthday. Despite days upon days of rain, it is really looking good!

I keep comparing photos of the Gunnera from when I first planted and I guess the best we can say is that it is not dead yet. I have seen zero growth on it. It has some pretty large hoof prints around it, but no one stepped on it either. Maybe it is still a bit cold.

Sunday I got in a sewing zone and I didn't stop until the top was complete. My first quilt top in probably 1 - 2 years. :| This was a fun scrappy pattern and I enjoyed how it came together.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunny Fat Tuesday

Hello Fat Tuesday! Remember to eat your pancakes. The sun is shining and I have even have the windows open. Nim wondered what planetary alignment happened that he got both a hike and yard time.

The sun washes the entire photo out and I don't even care. This is that time of year that any sun is good sun.

Nim spent some quality time in the yard after the hike. Chewing his meat bone with his hearts on...looking exceptionally angelic.

Thanks to some bargain shopping a couple of weeks ago I put together my first hanging basket of the season. This is the earliest I have ever tried, but who doesn't need flowers in their life?

I also planted this Gunnera. I would have liked to have waited, but it wasn't the least bit happy in the house. If it can grow a bit and no elk stomp on it, it might be a very cool plant.

I really wanted a knitting project this tax season. It has been a couple of years now since I have done any meaningful knitting. I think I have 2 sweaters, and these socks "in progress." After fighting with the pattern the other night, I decided to completely pull the old sock:

And start an entirely new pattern. I am hopeful.

I hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday. I have pancakes and X-Files on the agenda in celebration.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Leela Is Out There (X-Files are back!)

What a great Monday. I knew once I got my work done I could watch the X-Files season premier. I don't even understand how people could bash was so enjoyable. :)

Leela is watching you

I had a great time watching the premier and can hardly wait for the next episode. I laughed, I groaned, I enjoyed...

Nim basically stared at me the entire time so that I would walk him afterwards.

He isn't 100%, but getting better. Despite being cold out, it was a pretty day for an easy walk.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rose City Classic - Friday Show

We are finally home! As I type this Nim is on his second Imodium and Leela is pacing around him on the electric blanket...talking about her feelings.

Friday was probably my favorite day of the 3 days we competed. Our biggest accomplishment was actually our CGC (Canine Good Citizen). I wasn't a good enough handler to get Odin through it and so to finally have accomplished this meant a lot to me. It was probably the most fun CGC I have ever done too (I had tried twice on Odin, and once previously on Nim). They basically used the show floor so it was a lot of real life much real life as a show can be. Nim got to be used as the test dog for a couple of other dogs that needed to do their test as well, so a great experience all around. I was so proud of him.

We also finished our Rally Advanced title. What was extra meaningful to me is that we actually finished strong. I swear my title legs are often my weakest legs and I hate it. What I loved about this show is progressively he was more at ease and more happy for the rally trials. That made me very happy. What plagued us pretty much the entire 3 days, and Friday was no exception, was the sits. Clearly sitting under public pressure is not easy for these dogs. Lack of automatic sits or having to re-cue sits cost us all three days. There was a key sign in our final rally run in which he had to sit in front of me...he got in front of me and then just stood there frozen, looking around me at all the people and commotion. I could hardly blame him.

Friday was packed with the public, school groups, special populations groups and lots more competing dogs. It was amazing and very loud. At this point the agility rings were really going strong. Nim and I were approached a lot by people wanting to talk to him and pet him.

The worst part of the day ended up being the drive home. I left at noon and I should have been home by 4. I was home by 7. There was a terrible accident and I ended up leaving the freeway and just walking around Lacey, WA for about an hour before trying again.

Now we are just trying to decompress and get ready for work (tax season is officially upon me). Nim has ended up being a little off with a lot of gastronomic issues. I am grateful this didn't happen while we were on the 3rd floor of the hotel. This is an extra reminder to me just how big of a deal these last three days were on Nim. What a trooper. Not easy being my dog. :)