Monday, November 23, 2015

Tradition Plateau, Tiger Mountain

Today it didn't rain or rain/snow as suggested so I got my sister and we took the pups out on the trail. Arte (Boston Terrier) is actually a loaner dog from my sister's roommate and honorary sister. The general idea was an hour or so of hiking, and then I would go home and go back to studying...

3+ hours later I took my sister out to emergency dinner so she will someday hike with me again. :)  Hahahahaha.

Arte of course was a vision of fashion perfection with her pick sweater and pink harness. Nim. Well, he is this horrifying collision of a purple jacket and red harness. Apparently he is a child of the 80s.

For those of you familiar with the Lake Tradition area, you can tell that at one point we were on the Bus Trail. This is just one of many photos I have that involve dogs looking the wrong direction or blurred.

They know how to dominate a trail.

In an effort to making Arte do what I wanted we put her on a log. Hahahaha. She was thrilled. Nim had spit on his nose. Everyone was tired by this point and Arte kept rubbing on Nim like a cat because her sweater was itchy.

Arte. So angelic.


  1. Arte is so cute. Nim is only concerned with function not fashion. Looks like you had a nice hike even though it went a bit long.

    1. Ha! That is what Nim thinks too. :) It was a great hike. The dogs were happy and tired, and generally so were the humans.

  2. Love Nim and his little buddy Arte! Snow! Did you say snow? :)

    1. Ironically we actually got a dusting in North Bend the weekend prior. The snow suggestion turned out to be a bluff for this hiking day. We just got rain later. :) They are fun to hike together. Such a huge size difference.