Monday, July 20, 2009


I headed up Dirty Harry via the "birdhouse" trail which cuts off the abandoned road route up to Dirty Harry's Balcony. It adds a little distance on the route but is honestly easier on the body than the cobble of the road. There should be 6 birdhouses, I managed to find 5 of them on the way up and down. I either missed number 2 or number 3 (numbers had fallen off some of the boxes). It is a cute idea for marking a trail.

This little guy (if you can see him) was on one of my early in the trail detours on the way up (always more willing to waste time in the beginning). I would learn on my way down after running into some evening climbers that they seem to call this area "Interstate Park" presumably because of the stunning view of I-90:

The "birdhouse" trail is also considerably prettier than the road route. Tons of cut little trees as you are started to near the Balcony:

Intersection marker of the "birdhouse" trail and the Balcony trail:

Marker coming from the trail to the Balcony and ready to really head up hill for Dirty Harry Peak:

The route is more abandoned road at this point and a lot of the ugly, slashy, weed stuff. Next time I want to bring flowers for the trail bucket:

I took a lot of photos from the top but it was a hot day and actually a bit hazy so most of them are not so impressive.

I believe the farthest north of the Granite Lakes:

Wildflowers on the knee-nagging downhill:

More bird houses in bad lighting...but again a good idea of the pretty woods.

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