Sunday, July 26, 2009

Logging Truck

I hope my readers are sitting down because I am about to write about a logging truck. Specifically an elusive antique logging truck hidden along the Dirty Harry trail.

I had made half-hearted attempts to find this rumored antique before. The problem is the Dirty Harry trail itself is tiring enough that when you get in the are probable area you just don't have the steam to really tromp around and look for it.

Turns out what I really needed was a hiking partner as bent on exploring as I am who decided he wanted to find that truck more than see the peak. While I defeated gave up looking for the elusive way in through the thick route near Museum Creek; he ultimately sorted out the abandoned road (I couldn't even tell it was a road) that the truck came to rest on.

I didn't take a good photo of the upper mechanism on the truck that drags the logs but this is a photo of the engine that drives it.

This thread is worth visiting to see more photos of the truck (particularly one from the 1980s). It is amazing to see the tree growth in the area. My hiking partner did some research and found that this particular style was only made for three years from 1941 - 1933, after that the truck cab was given a canvas roof.

I loved the GMC logo. Other accounts I read of the area would suggest there used to be a lot more wreckage and equipment in the area, but between the tree growth, the creek and the humans I don't know that there is as much left to be found.

In addition to our success with locating the truck we did manage to find the last birdhouse (birdhouse 2) that I didn't find on my previous trip. The above photo is actually birdhouse 5 again, but it is a pretty photo of the woods.

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