Monday, July 20, 2009

North Fork Lakes

View of SMC Lake from road to the north and above it. Note the little minor peak above it that I can't figure out if it has a name (actually the area all around all the lakes has a lot of pretty ridges and odd peaks that are probably mostly unnamed but give the entire area a nice feel):

Today I wanted to find 3 lakes in the North Fork area all south of Lake Hancock. SMC Lake appears to be fed by the North Fork river, while Lake Nadeau and Lake Moolock are connected to Lake Hancock.

The first road that made sense on the map, eventually wasn't drivable, so I parked and kept hiking to locate the first two lakes (SMC and Nadeau).

SMC, probably my favorite of the three:

Lake Nadeau (taken from the road southeast of the lake):

I actually had a fair idea about where Moolock after finding the first two, but opted to return to the car and attempt to drive another road to these lakes. This road ended up not dead-ending but was in rough shape.

Taken from above Lake Moolock, where the road eventually ends. This is actually the tributary connecting Hancock and Moolock:

Moolock taken from the shore. With "Moolock Mountain" in the background: (At least I am pretty sure that is "Moolock Mountain" in any case, I think I will try the Middle Fork approach of that one rather than the North Fork which was one of two not-realized ideas of the day.)

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