Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cabin Fever Continues

By Thursday we were without power and encased in ice and snow. Many people had about 48 hours of cracking and crashing as trees and limbs cracked and fell under the heavy snow and freezing cold.
Nim did amazing well reading my energy and bringing his down quite a bit. I barely gave him any attention. Much of the hours of the day were put into yard clearing (especially the driveway) and supporting generator living. Rusty didn't do as well. The yard is impossible for him to walk in, and even with a generator running I couldn't keep the house adequately warm for him which really impacted his spinal degeneration.

On Saturday power came back! I was beyond grateful; knowing full well that many people were still without (even today there are still people without power). Then the let down followed...once my water tanks emptied I realized somewhere my well had failed. Today is Tuesday. There are two service men out in my yard, in the absolute pouring rain and wind, trying to figure out how to get water back to my house. I am torn between my own no water frustration and feeling terrible that anyone is out in this.

Nim just wants to know if we will ever be back on our schedule and if he will ever get a walk again.

This afternoon I have started pinning my latest quilt. I was given some fleece remnants last year and I am excited to have a good use for the red one. It is incredibly soft.

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