Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bare Mountain - North Fork Snoqualmie

After yesterday's successful hike I knew exactly which trail I wanted to do next.

I never could do Bare Mountain with Odin and we had several attempts.The problem lies in a creek crossing about 1/2 mile in. The water is deep and fast moving and Odin would have none of it. Between the dry summer and Nim being overall a bit more willing with water I decided to try again.

There was no way to safely deal with photographing the crossing, but we made it. The water was definitely lower than I have seen it, but still moving and deep. I doubt Nim would do it in the spring when the water is really high (and cold) and I wouldn't ask him to.

The part we crossed had water about up to Nim's chest and I was going across a log next to him. He wanted up on the log, but to be honest he was safer in the water. On the other side of the log the creek goes into a funnel and drops probably at least 20 feet so I wouldn't wanted him to fall off the log at that point.

Once again we had about 1 - 1.5 miles of drainage crap. There is just no nice way to talk about it, and it is even less thrilling on the way out.

Our second crossing had a bridge and then past that is the one part of the trail that really has some pretty and mature trees.

After a brief stint in the woods it is a lot of fields, a lot of climbing switch backs, and a lot of sun. The trail is in decent shape, but narrow and slightly sloped often. Both of us stepped off it more than once.

I am glad we started early as we did. Pretty quickly I let Nim set the pace.

Sometimes I think he just wants to lay in the shade so he can watch things. This trip really made me slow down. It was a longer trail with a steady climb and really I had absolutely no reason to hike it fast and Nim simply couldn't.

After today I think there are some hikes I am taking off the list until we get out of summer heat. I am just not sure it is worth getting him this hot. The temperature actually wasn't that bad until we started descending and we had a steady breeze. I think the issue was the constant sun on his black coat more than anything.

Once I saw Paradise Lakes I knew we were roughly the last mile from the summit.

Getting closer...

Finally we were on the summit. According to my map it is about 5400 ft and just stunning views. I really couldn't capture it very well photographically.

There are just so many photos I am leaving off. The summit is a lot like Tenerife in that it isn't very large, it is flat and rocky. I really wished I had a pad for us up there. We probably would have hung out longer if I had.

Nim and me on Bare Mountain. :)


  1. I think you captured the stunning views beautifully! Wish we had something like that around here although I'm not in good enough shape to tackle something that big. It would be a nice goal though. Enjoy your hikes and thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks. I just am loving break so much. It is nice to do some things that have been well off the list for awhile.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful, and tiring, hike! Maybe you can put a wet hand towel on Nim's back next time. Think maybe that will help cool him down some?
    I love, love the last picture!

    1. Thanks. :) I don't know how so many people do cute self-shots because mine never look good at all! This one works because of Nim. I should have thought of that angle before and it is fun to have a photo with him.

      I do wet his belly and top of his head. He is a funny pup. He really isn't a sun baby the way Odin was.