Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happiest Ending

Tonight we trapped the cat. And I didn't even have to stay up all night. Someone else took the 9pm check and there she was. She is not the least bit feral and thankfully as far as I can tell she is not nursing and hasn't recently given birth.

She is just a skinny little peanut and VERY affectionate. She was actually pretty easy for me to reach in and roll around for body check. Really a fabulous cat. Makes me sad that she has been out on her own for so long (it is sounding like she had been spotted as far back as 2 months ago).

As hard as it is because I am sure she would love to be held, I am keeping her separate (she is probably transferring into rescue tomorrow) but she is fully aware of everyone.

I doubt she is thrilled about the cats, but Nim is the one she could really do without.

What is surprising to me is that Emile and Leela are totally non-threatened by her and I think Emile is trying to calm her. She is growling at him, but considering Leela does that all the time he probably assumes that is a love language.

He has taken up vigil outside her home.

Truly a great ending to the quarter and a great ending to a cat trapping adventure.


  1. Definitely best to keep them separate. It's so funny to see Emile in this picture. Our very own cats are so curious about others, as the "house guest" would just like to get out of there. So glad you caught her!!

    1. It was a relief to have her caught as well.