Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cat-Trapping Priorities and Baking

I submitted my last final today! It is an utter relief. I think in the past week and a half my diet has been reduced to sandwiches, cereal, cantaloupe, and chocolate chips and my garden is all but dead. I have a huge list of things I need to do, but at least homework is no longer one of them.

Random funny story: I flushed the toilet today and heard the panicked gallop I always know is elk. She was right on the corner of my house near the bathroom and I didn't know it. Apparently she wasn't too traumatized but she did come to the front of the house and away from the toilet to eat.

So one of my largest pressing issues right now is a cat that isn't even mine. I spotted this darn thing while heading out for a quick hike last Wednesday (August 7th) and I have been trying to assist in trap monitoring ever since.

Right now we are leaving it open when no one can check it (like the middle of the night) so it is giving us a chance to photograph her. With finals over, I think I can pull an all-nighter and hope to catch her.

It is exhausting trying to catch a cat and where she is is not survivable.

So anyway tomorrow promises to be a day of cat trapping and equally exciting...of baking! I have done no charity baking all year mostly because of not having a job, but I decided that since I survived this quarter that is going to be my gift to myself. My friend is collecting for her Wounded Warrior/Marine Reserve events and I am trilled to contribute this time around.

Be thinking cat trapping thoughts for me.


  1. I'm so glad you are done with finals! I know you're relieved.

    That elk has to be one of the most beautiful creatures.

    Good luck on catching the kitty, but then again maybe you have as I haven't read your other blogs yet. :)

    1. I don't think I ever get tired of the elk. It is sort of like owning horses with none of the responsibility.

      I am SUPER relieved. I feel like I can start regaining some of my life!