Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost July

Good morning! Bring on July, June has been a long month.

Below is a LOT more dog treats for another Relay for Life Bake Sale this Saturday. I think dog treats are a good niche for me for that sale and we are stationed outside Ace Hardware which for this small town also serves as a main pet store.


Yes, this would be the bake sale that I thought was last weekend. I have some human baking too, but went heavy on the dog treats.

The teenage elk and deer are out like crazy. And completely disagreeable to photograph.

Thankfully they are not eating my finally growing grass, however the plump bunny population has exploded. I now find them laying all over the yard with their little legs outstretched. At least some grass is surviving.

Other blog happenings:

STUFT Mama is hosting a Mizuno running shoe giveaway. She is also looking for a running sponsor! :) 

This made me look up exactly what is involved in getting a sponsor (I never thought about it much past pros). I then dreamed about a hiking-baking-dog training-quilting sponsor.

Mizuno does make trail runners which is about as runner as I get (except for total long-standing attraction to ultramarathons). I would say I am not the target for the Mizuno Mezamashii Project however I do eat through trail runners (Vasque is current preference) so it is worth a shot.

Delights and Delectables has submitted a video to get on the Kelly Ripa show

If she makes it to the 100 selected she will needs lots of votes. :) I don't get TV so I don't actually watch the show but ended up watching a clip this morning because I was trying to find a trailer on "Magic Mike" (a friend was talking about this movie). It was a funny clip because it was a former NFL player Mike Strahan trying to do the stripping and the dancing. Wait? Mike Strahan is the co-host? You watch the clip and figure it out. I probably shouldn't attempt to talk about a TV show I don't watch.

My other Kelly Ripa story involves my Grammy who used to tape all the morning shows and then rapidly condense them in to a fast-forwarding frenzy to the parts she wanted (usually involving entertainment). I was with her, trying to wake up, and realized she was fast forwarding through these beautiful 1920's inspired dresses (at the time I think this was Regis and Kelly together) and I tried to make her stop so I could see the dresses and I messed up the system. :)

Look at that, I have talked about marathons and Kelly Ripa in one post. People who know me well know this is about as shocking as the post in which I talked about Women's Basketball.

Great causes:

Camp Eyabsut is running extensive fund-raising to save this burn camp. I once experienced serious burning to my hand, fingers and wrist. It was an unreal experience. I seriously don't know how people cope with larger body area being burned.

Over the Edge benefit for Special Olympics. A friend of mine is participating in honor of his late wife Annette. She was a really sweet and kind woman who lost her battle with brain cancer this year.

Have a great weekend and think sunny thoughts for me.


  1. lol! Girl you totally need to watch Live with Kelly one morning! She will make your morning better. After Regis left, every day Kelly has a different co-host. That is until they find her a permanent one!! :) Thanks for the shout out! If I make the top 100 I will be needing lots of votes to make the top 10 for sure!

    1. I really am hoping you make it. That would be too fun! I will even go to my parents house to watch the show that morning. :)