Monday, June 11, 2012

Task #5

It is Monday and it is sunny in the Snoqualmie Valley! 

After a long rainy week, the sun finally came out on Sunday which changed the day from a baking day to a cleaning day (which I would rather do before all the baking anyway).

At first the sun was limited to one small section of the house. Which Leela hogged.

I started on task #5 - Spring Cleaning.

For me spring cleaning at a minimum includes all the windows (inside and out) and all the curtains. Plus the furniture covers...see Emile's fur spot above. I also included the fridge and kitchen scrubbing.

Occasionally Nim would run to the window while I was on the outside and bark at me.

All his sitting around and watching me made him hungry.

This is why his peanut butter is labelled.

I liked this Primal Freeze-dried Formula samples.I don't think it was intended to be a treat but it works really well.
I tried chia seeds for the first time yesterday. I have totally been putting them off mostly because of cost. I was so concerned about ruining my oatmeal that I added them to my water not knowing what else to do with them.

Another reason I put them off is that my fiber and proteins are more than fine, however I am interested in their omega-3 benefits since as a vegan my omega-3/omega-6 ratio is probably not optimal. I also want to play with them as an egg replacer.

They really don't taste like anything to me - although drinking them how would I know? I don't drink bubble tea because of the consistency of the tapioca balls so I am surprised that these didn't bother me in my water.

I hope everyone is ready for a great week! Today should be dog treat baking day and hopefully some more sewing.

The Tova shirt is cut out and I even dealt with shortening the sleeve yesterday. It turned out not to be a big deal (at least not so far - we will see how it sews up). But I always get nervous about modifying clothing patterns.


  1. I love that Nim has his own jar of pb (and I love the picture of him eating it).
    My cat also manages to hog the sunbeams!
    I've never tried chia seeds...they get pretty mixed reviews..

    1. It is just easier to let him have his own jar. :) Between the kong, the dog treats and his mouth I do have some standards...sort of.

      You know, I just don't know what to say about them. Not all would agree, but I find my diet pretty darn good. The main gain I could see from chia is the Omega 3. To me I don't taste them. I actually don't even really notice them. And I am not sure I am lacking enough to really need them. I haven't noticed some sprout of energy or anything like that. :)

    2. I will add that if I use them as an egg substitute that they would actually nutritionally add something of value over EnerG Egg Replacer so if you were really trying to make every ingredient count...

  2. hey that's how I eat my peanut butter :)
    I love how the sun changed the baking day to a cleaning day. Doesn't it feel great once all that stuff is done? It's like you can breathe better in the house or something

    1. :) So the sad truth is I have a minimum of 3 "peanut butters" of some variation going at once. The large Adams is general purpose and for public baking so hygiene is respected. Nim usually has one with "Nim" on it. And I usually have one with "Sam." I had just finished it this weekend - it was Peanut-Almond-Cashew butter! It was amazing. I love being able to get in it and not care about the germs. :)

      I felt REALLY good after the cleaning. All the windows have the winter and the cat hair off them.

  3. have you ever tried sunbutter? it's got a very deep flavour, a little goes a long way, which is good because nut/seed butters are so freaking expensive

    1. Good morning! Sunbutter is on my list. :) I love all the new things I am branching out and trying right now.

      But yes. It is expensive.

  4. I love that Nim has his own pb jar! :) Chia seeds are great in oatmeal and other baked goods!

    1. It is important for sanitation purposes. :)

      I am getting much better at how to use them in oatmeal now!