Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slow Down

(It is storming, thundering, lightening, pouring, my Internet connection is barely working, and my lights keep flickering. Let's see if this post can make it).

I REALLY needed to slow down today. I injured my ankle the worse I have ever done on Thursday while out hiking and I took that as a stern warning after almost 2 weeks of confusion and bizarre mistakes.

Case in point:

Last night I sadly let my team know I just didn't have much to contribute to the latest bake sale and I was too tired to continue into the night - only to find out it is NEXT weekend.

Had I not been already in for the night I seriously would have gone out and had a beer. I don't drink all that much, but every so often...

Brain - I miss you. I eat chia seeds for you which I no longer put in water because I think I was giving myself indigestion. Where are you?

This morning it was only threatening rain so I sucked it up and continued a half-load towards yard waste day. I made Nim come out with me and he wasn't thrilled about it. Even he knew a storm was coming.

Nim is just not the yard waste companion that Rusty was. Rusty liked to march around and examine the yard waste piles, marking them repeatedly just in case.

Nim just thinks I should be playing with him and his toys.

The truck had been clogging up the area in front of the fence for about a week. I forgot until this morning when I went to start it that I had left the window down for who knows how many days, ironically to air out the mildew. I would say the mildew battle is officially lost.

I got it fully loaded, and then I went to start it and like the temperamental grouch that it is, it wouldn't start.

This was a two jumping process. With a session of yelling in the middle because I had complete disconnected and  moved the jeep only to have the truck sputter and die again.

I made it to yard waste day with about 30 minutes to spare. Then I took the truck out cruising to build up the battery and to use my rear-end to soak up the water in the front seat. :)

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