Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dog Treats

Wednesday! Half way through a busy week.

We got tricked on Monday. It got sunny and hot (for here) - and pretty much has rained since. Leela and Emile took advantage of the newly cleaned windows.
They are having a rough time between obsessive cleaning on Sunday, my rearrangement of the house, and abnormal bed-time hours.
On the upside, I am with them a lot more right now because of baking projects and actually it has made them noticeably more calm and agreeable. I forget this a lot with the cats and there isn't much I can do about it right now but they can need their people just as much as dogs.
I finishing the dog treat baking blitz very late last night. There is a berry version and a cheese/garlic version.The berry version smells better.
There is also a tuna version however yesterday was brussels sprouts cooking day and even I knew better than to subject my tiny house to that stinky combination.So I stuck to double batches of the less stinky.
These little cutters made for some cute treats.

On Monday was also a No-Bake Oreo Cookie recipe:
I took no-bake lazy one step further and didn't even form cookies. It was a great mix to dump on my ice cream however.

Accidentally Tuesday ended up with two "secret" ingredient experiments...aka...hidden veggies. I don't really need to hide my veggies but they were new recipes. This is Raw "Secret Veggie" Cheesecake only mine isn't really raw - if nothing else I put in a bit of brown sugar and I am sure that is not.

Sweetening it was a real challenge. When you taste it you don't think it needs anything, but actually a touch of sugar really did make a difference once I finally decided to add some.

This gem is the Mighty Chocolate Microwave Muffin.

I am very new to STUFT Mama's site. What are some of the things I am enjoying about her?

First off, she shamelessly dumps concoctions of food together and actually puts them online (truly, I may have found my match) and her concept of a portion is definitely closer to mine. Case in point...the Mighty was MIGHTY. It was huge.

ALSO she does Flat Kitty Friday (I swear I scan her post more for photos of her cats than her lovely twins). Which apparently has an audience participation option. I jumped right on it. Eventually I would love to do something similar with a small quilt - I love this as a way to see the world through the eyes and creativity of other bloggers.

Flat Kitty Friday is her thing and I will be submitting photos for her by Thursday night, but I couldn't resist a couple of photos last night from trying to introduce him to the family:

Leela naturally was curious. Emile thought his life might be ending (after some rapid pacing he hid under the bed). And Nim wanted to know:

  1. Why we were still up past 10pm.
  2. Why he couldn't have the treats I was making.
  3. Why I insist on putting things on him (to him it is bad enough he has two cats constantly climbing on him).

This week is going WAY too fast.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Poor Nim. He was even more annoyed I think that flat kitty was on the ironing board while I was packaging treats and he wasn't. He kept knocking flat kitty on the floor.

  2. LOVE the flat kitty! Those treats look so good!

    1. I have to admit, flat kitty was a fun addition to the week. :)

  3. I actually want to eat those dog treats. I agree about cats needing attention, mine is a sucker for it. If me and M are hugging and having a moment, he has to come and meow so he can partake.

  4. I actually want to eat those dog treats. I agree about cats needing attention, mine is a sucker for it. If me and M are hugging and having a moment, he has to come and meow so he can partake.

    1. I haven't had cheese in literally years and even they smelled amazing.

      OK, your cat is totally behaving like a dog would. :) But I really do forget. To be honest both of my cats have been more content and less intense this week. It kind of bums me out because there is absolutely nothing I can do it about it for now. I am more of a dog person so sometimes when I realize something about cat behavior I truly surprise myself.

  5. sorry about posting that twice. not sure how that happened. in other news, I was in a place called St Jacobs yesturday that is Mennonite country. the place was splattered with quilting stores and displays. i thought of you and even took a picture of one if the places :) not sure why.

    1. Oh that is great! I will watch for the photo. :) It is amazing how we start to be aware of other places through someone else's experience isn't it?

  6. Just catching up! Flat kitty is hilarious...I wonder what my little guy would make of him! I can't believe all the baking you did!

    1. You should participate next time. :) I really did enjoy it.

      Yes, that was probably the most baking I have done for an event yet. It was something else.