Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Is Coming

Where did this week go? Where did this MONTH go?

I can tell fall is coming because Emile is back to his under the blankets morning routine.

I finally figured out where some of the bullying is going on between the two cats and made some small changes that have equalized things a bit. I am surprised how much it has overall calmed down the house.

I can also tell fall is coming because I want to go on a baking rampage. Probably next week. I finally have a couple of things coming up I can bake for. I am trying not to stress too much about winter and completely missing the good parts about fall.

Because this week was a perfect sewing week the machine decided not to cooperate. I should be back in business today. But it got me focused back on knitting this sock which is good.

Nim has been working me for getting the hikes in where we can. He is usually right: I am glad when we get out.

In other news I think I found probably the best dropping-into-mouth treat for him yet. Of course it is a beef product, but it shows the greatest promise so far.

I had to take a small break in reading "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" because I want to finish "In The Garden Of Beasts" in time for our local library book club next week (I am desperate to find a book club right now so trying out many options).

"In The Garden Of Beasts" is not a book I would remotely pick up on my own. It is a non-fiction history of the first US ambassador to Hitler's Germany and I am totally impressed how much I am getting out of it.

Have a great day! September is coming. Hopefully cookies and quilts will be a part of that month. :)


  1. That book, In the Garden of Beasts, sounds like a good read. I have book marked it to check out later. I like reading about that era and especailly WWII stories.

    I love the imploring look on Nim's face. He really wants to get out and do something.


    1. Good morning Cindy! Now me, I am kind of light on the details of that era so it would be interesting for some to read to is really into it. Some of this stuff though I wish I knew more about US attitudes and behavior of the time. It is a good reminder to destroy your darn journals by the way. You never know what author will use them.

      He really was working me. :)

  2. I can tell fall is coming too! I LOVE summer, but this year I'm ready for fall! I graduate this December so I'm hoping to start reading for pleasure after that!

    1. That is great you have an event to look forward to in the winter that will make the cold miserable weather more tolerable. I just love longer and warmer days. I get so much more done.

  3. New here to blogs. I love reading yours and absolutely enjoy all the pictures. Nim just looks like a big sweetheart!
    I envy you for saying you can feel fall is coming. Being in Florida, it's hard to say that for at least another couple months.

    1. Hello! So nice to meet you. I went over to your blog and I am going to return there. You even have a rescue with a tail!

      I can't even imagine how different Florida is. It is crazy because I was born and raised out here but I just do miserable with the wet cold. Our falls are often very beautiful however and I need to remind myself to enjoy it.

  4. I adopted Holly (my girl with the tail) when she was 5 months old. I love her tail, the way it thuds against something when she's happy. And it can be quite painful too when it hits you lol. Totally different from my boy, but yet a typical Doberman.

    I've lived here my entire life too, in South Florida. I just hate the heat and humidity. I do love the greenery, but make it about 20-30 degrees cooler and I'd be set. One day I want to move to the west coast, but not just yet. Till then, I'll enjoy your wonderful pictures of scenery along with a breed we both love.