Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot Days Coming

Good morning. For the Seattle, WA area hot weather is enough to require some extra care for pets and people.

Last night was pretty darn warm but I still cooked beets, Brussels, and sweet potatoes for the next several days because I can promise you the oven will not be turned on until the temperature drops again.

We headed up the Winery before 6am since I couldn't sleep anyway and there is no way I am hiking later in the day.  

This is one of those photos that really don't do the sunrise justice although you can tell Nim is less than thrilled probably because he hasn't eaten yet and he is always a slow morning dog. Truth be told I don't feel all that stellar hiking early either but we are both still glad we did it.

That is Fuller Mt. in the distance - looks like the Loch Ness Monster bump and is a favorite of mine. I think the haze will probably be settled in the valley area for the next few days

Have a great day!


  1. Hiking at 6am? You are much more ambitious than I am. Of course you are also probably a bit healthier too.


    1. OK, this totally made me laugh because hiking because you can't sleep is somewhat arguable if healthy or not - although hiking in the later heat wouldn't have been all that healthy. :)

      I do love to hike, it keeps me balanced, but I am also at the teenage stage of dog-hood in which often you hike (or whatever) because you can't live with the dog otherwise. :)

      Have a great evening! Thinking about Nina a lot.