Monday, August 13, 2012

Gypsy's NW1 Title

Sunday was Gypsy's (and my mom's) first K9 Nose Work trial held in a very warm Thunder Mountain Middle school in Enumclaw.

Even for a heat lover like me, it was pretty unforgiving. There was no shade in the parking lot which is hard on the dogs. A lot of cars were running most of the day to keep the AC going.

Gypsy all marked in red for danger. Ha! :)

Nim attempted to be supportive with some whining and staring.

Gypsy would have none of him. Except for while they were walking "together" doing their business.

I couldn't take photos during any of the searches but I got to watch pretty much all of them.

One of them I was outside the room looking in the window, but my friend Cindy was in there as a timer so she got to watch. :)

Gypsy was a good little worker and very readable. I think we all thought she had lost her brain on the car search but then the smell wafted her direction and she was back to work.

It is a long day for a high-maintenance little dog. :)

She did wonderful and she titled! And pretty much everyone there thought she was the cutest thing ever (I could hear all the cuteness chatter as mom walked up for her ribbon). 


  1. Congratulations to Gypsy and your mom on a job well done. She sure is a cutie.


    1. LOL. I know, EVERYONE thinks she is SO cute. It is just funny because she is a total aussie, not cuddly and docile like she might look.