Monday, August 13, 2012

Squak Mountain

Today I knew I had to start early before the heat really came in. It never really cooled for most of us last night.

I went to Issaquah for cheaper groceries and then stopped at the Fish Hatchery without a real clear plan but knowing I wanted to get Nim out on a walk.

I don't know if you can see with Nim's paw covering but that is one of the fish fossil prints in the bridge at the hatchery.

The above photo is the less known fish ladder further along Cabin Creek.

Then we started up the Squak Mountain Access Trail which is sandwiched between condos and residential. Nim had plenty to say because the small animals were chirping.

We continued on and I was more committed to Squak Mountain at this point.

Perhaps you can see it in his face, but Nim hates this bridge. Hates it. It is bridges like these that make me wish I had time to volunteer on trail work because it is not particularly dog friendly.

We made it up to Central "Peak" which is basically electrical buildings and towers. It was blazing hot, I had swallowed several bugs, been stung by nettles, and I knew I didn't bring enough water.

So we went back the way we came rather than adding on any more loops for exploring. This cabin was more visible on the way back down Phil's Creek Trail.

Parts of this trail are pretty narrow and overgrown (and apparently in nettle season) and parts are open and gorgeous like this:

Once we got back to the fish ladder Nim wanted to get in the water:

To his limit:

I think he actually made a splash and was trying to catch it:

On the service road along Cabin Creek there are a couple of totem poles. I really don't know anything about them but I always look for them when I am back there.

This one finally has rotted enough at the base that it is on the ground now which is too bad.

I was probably a little dehydrated and tired for what this ended up turning into but it was still fun.


  1. That bridge doesn't look people friendly either! I wish we had places like this to hike here!!! :) Sorry it has been hot for you. He has actually been unseasonably cool here. Mid 70's to low 80's!

    1. To be honest, that design isn't. It relies on your ability to grip the rails when the log is slick. It has been scored, but with our slimy winters it will still be slick. And a dog can definitely slide out under those rails.

      When I drove through Kentucky I guess I don't remember a lot of mountains. :) I found it beautiful however and the people were friendly.

      As you know, I will ALWAYS take the heat to the cold, but it can be a bit much at times. I like that 70s to low 80s temp, especially if the humidity isn't bad.