Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pascal on a mat, Lentil Stew, & Happy Nim

My headache finally broke today. Hallelujah. This one was complete with lightly blurred vision and nausea.

Anyway, on to more fun stuff like Pascal on his new mat that I got on my Petsmart spending frenzy due to gift cards. Cute as ever. He will be 13 this September.

I had been thinking about the Lentil Stew recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie for about a week now except Lentil Stew sounded too heavy. Today it finally sounded good and to be honest I need some healthier food for next week after the way I ate last week.

This is easy to make and a really great stew.


  • No celery (just forgot)
  • Light on the mushrooms (too expensive - I did 2 packages of sliced)
  • No tomato paste (not worth the partial open can)
  • No fennel. Fennel is like cilantro or dill I think. You either like it or you can't stand it. 
  • No paprika. Apparently I am out. 
  • No veggie stock. Didn't seem necessary, and it wasn't. 1.5 cups water instead.
  • Added 1 can coconut milk. Add when you add the spinach. Coconut milk and lentils have a flavor love-affair, they are meant to be together. 
  • No lemon zest. We all know how I feel about zesting.

Nim went swimming today at Aquadog Spa. I panicked to see him limping this morning for the 2nd time this week. I panicked because:

a. he has to be active or it is bad for everyone, and
b. I don't like him hurting.

I am not sure what is going on here, but he did have a great swim. Apparently he likes to snuggle with his antler.

I hope everyone is having a productive weekend. I have too much coming due in the next two days, but I am getting stuff done.

To make matters worse, another mystery quilt calling my name! I better get the New Year's Day one finished before January 27th.


  1. Pascal is just the cutest little thing! I'm not sure how old chinchilla's live for, but that seems like a good long life, 13 years old.

    It sounds like you get migraines. Have you ever been diagnosed? I've been getting migraines for about 25 years. The only thing that helps me is my meds or sleep.

    Sure hope Nim feels better soon. The swimming might help his limping I would think, but I'm no doctor.

    Stew looks delicious!

    Good luck on finishing your first mystery quilt before starting the next one :)

    1. They can live 10 - 15 years and even up to 20! I always tell people that who think they are cute. They aren't like hamsters/gerbils/guinea pigs with relatively short lived. And in my limited experience they do better with more attention.

      I am positive this was a migraine. I just didn't figure it out until day three. I have only had a few in my life I would say were true migraines and this one wasn't like those. The entire time I thought my vision was blurred because I was on the computer too much. Friday hit a peak and Saturday was much better. This was a crazy one.

      I hope he feels better soon too. I can tell it is bothering him.

  2. Ooh I would love to pet Pascal. I bet he feels luxurious. Hope the swim helped Nim feel better. How cute with him sleeping with the antler. It looks like he is getting good use out of it. Millie loves hers and chews all day long when she isn't sleeping.


    1. He really feels great, especially if I keep him going with his dust baths.

      I know. It is kind of funny that I have antlers in my bed. :) I know she has lost all her teeth at this point, but she is probably young enough that they are still setting as she is maturing her body. :)

  3. Aww...what sweeties! I hope Nim is feeling better.
    The lentil stew looks great...fennel is definitely a "leave it" for me. Not a fan of the licorice flavor it imparts!

    1. I know. He is still limping but I am going to give him a leash walk later anyway to keep him happy. He is just a tough leash walker, so lots of treats.

      Nope, not a fan of fennel either. I don't even own the spice.:)

  4. I want to pet Pascal!! I love the looks of that lentil stew. I think I like the looks of yours better. Coconut milk for the win!!

    1. The leftovers are still going is a very good recipe. I recommend it.