Friday, July 12, 2013

Saint Francis of Assisi

Hooray for Friday! I have an exam this weekend, but I am so happy this week is over.

I am going to finalize my not for profit proposal today (proposal due this weekend). What a hard project this has been for me! So many ways I want to change the world, so little money. :) I had to get hard on myself to make a decision and quit spending so many hours researching ideas I couldn't possibly financially justify.

I have gone with a quilting focused not for profit that will be to teach young people basic sewing and quilting. I am envisioning it a bit like a quilting club in that they can quilt for charity, but also more structured in that they can come in with no sewing knowledge.

Yesterday Nim got a little gift in the mail. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is pretty hard not to love Saint Francis of Assisi...or maybe more specifically, our modern idea of who he is: "Patron Saint of Animals."

I ordered this Saint Francis ID tag for Nim from Pet Blessings. I actually had one for Odin for quite awhile although his was made from a softer metal and eventually the upper ring broke (unfortunately I think it might have been a lead based).

This one is a zinc alloy and is a very lightweight tag but still feels more sturdy than the one I had in the past. It has gone hiking "Nim style" and so far is holding strong. :) The back is engraved with his name and phone number. The turn around was really quick when I ordered it and they sent a very nice card with it.

I made Nim model it outside before beginning my nightly hour of stress weeding. My new issue right now is the plum tree. The apples aren't fruiting again this year (darn it), but the plum is off to a good start and well, Nim has discovered where they drop.

I am now aggressively weeding down that area so I can daily go out and rake plums. Thanks to Rusty this is not my first "dog scavenging plums" rodeo. If only I had the time to channel this talent for truffle-hunting. Nim could actually make me money!


  1. That portrait of Nim is beautiful! He looks so calm and he is shining the way the sun is hitting him.

    We used to have an apple tree within our fenced yard and one of our GSD's would eat the small apples off the ground. Fortunately they pretty much passed through her whole! Needless to say we cut it down after just a couple of years.


    1. I thought he looked beautiful too...and unusually dignified. :) The plum tree is even outside the fence! But much of the fall happens on the fence side. And yes, for the most part I think all the pits just move through...definitely never slowed Rusty down. :)

  2. What a great gift for Nim! I'm not religious, but I have one on Lucas' collar that I bought him many years ago. My vet use to sell them but not anymore. I'll need to get one for Miss Holly. Nim looks quite stunning there!

    At least Nim is choosing to eat healthy, lol. I would be rewarding Holly for that instead of eating the poo and nasty dead things she finds.

    Hope your exam went well!

    1. I really love having the St. Francis tags. I love that your vet used to sell them, I think it is a great idea.

      Thankfully Nim is NOT a poo eater. Odin sure was, at least it wasn't his own. The exam went really well! So thankful. I have another one this week.

  3. Congrats on the exam going well and hope the next one does too.

    And love the quilting club idea! Not only would it help teach valuable skills, but would also be a place for connection and support and commiseration, which a lot of young people really need!

  4. I love that tag from St. Francis! I'm so jealous you have plums! I can't get enough of them!!!