Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dogs of Old Dog Haven

This is the first time I have ever reposted photos already used on my blog, but the occasion calls for it. I was contacted by the human that shares her home and heart with this pup:

Turns out, this precious boy, is actually a precious girl. :) She is a black lab/Shar-Pei mix by the name of Littlefoot. She is a Final Refuge dog with Old Dog Haven. During the parade she was being walked by an adoring fan who had come from out of state to be a part of this walk. Littlefoot may have actually wandered away in search of her main human.

But the even more funny part of this entire story is that around the house Littlefoot is constantly carrying a toy. Constantly. Even when she goes potty and napping! My regular readers have seen the photos of Nim sleeping with toy in his mouth...and yes, he totally has been guilt of holding the toy while peeing.

I wonder if there was some unspoken communication between Littlefoot and Nim when she ran smack into him with his toy firmly in mouth.

The Husky (not a Malamute) photographed with Littlefoot is named Kenai, and also female.

If you look on the Scrub-A-Mutt Facebook page you will see these two pups in a photo with a third dog. I don't know who is who. But someone is named Wylie and someone is named Walter. :)

I hope you enjoyed a bit of back story on one of my favorite dogs at the walk.


  1. Oh friend... you are making me want a dog so badly!!! Just have to hold on for a little while longer....

  2. Littlefoot sure is a precious girl. It's nice to know the story behind the photo. Thanks for sharing!