Friday, February 19, 2010

Busting out of Tennessee

Kentucky. Where have you been my whole life? I only drove a small portion of it but what a pretty area. I wouldn't even say that I am that into vast farmlands, but this was a nice state and from when we stopped, really nice people. There was this whole Land Between the Lakes area I would have liked to explore and there is the Museum of the American Quilter's Society.

One sister sleeps through Kentucky.

One drives through Kentucky.

Our permit driver got us across the Kentucky/Illinois border and drove a fair amount of Illinois. Also a really pleasant state. It is almost surprising when you know so little about a state but then get to see some really nice parts of it.
It rained a small amount in Illinois. We visited this small town called Nashville, IL when we needed to make a stop and switch drivers which had some great house styles in it. A very nice town and seemed like some nice people.

Continuing to sleep through Illinois...

Continuing to drive through Illinois...

Why oh why do we seem to hit the major cities at traffic time? You have no idea how many major cities we hit at evening traffic. The exception being Oklahoma City that was really late at night. I hit St. Louis, MO about 5:30. That is a BIG city. Going in across the Mississippi River was truly beautiful. By the time we did the crossing on the Missouri River it was already getting dark. We picked up I-70 around St. Louis and that was a really busy highway. Even past St. Louis it was congested and lots of trucker traffic. We also got our first really significant rain since OR/WA.

Tomorrow is a big unknown right now. I am starting to rethink I-90 because of the Montana/South Dakota snow storm that should come tomorrow. So now I am considering I-80 again. Time to catch up on the weather forecast. :)


  1. I am glad to see permit driver's hands at 10 and at 2 (perhaps a touch towards 2:30?).

    Glad the weather is cooperating for the most part. Weather here is still stunningly lovely.

    What I find fascinating about Kentucky? How far north it is. When I think of Kentucky I think of the south (due to "hick"-ish accents) and it is quite north.

  2. Kentucky was great. I hear you though...we are all getting a bit disoriented on our states right now. The people were super nice. I am trying to remember; there was a couple of states where I think they had as much problems understanding us as them...definitely TN. I made the highschooler call in an order and the conversation was hilarious. I am pretty sure I had the same problem at another stop in TN.