Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee

After a speedy exit from Oklahoma we were on our way to Arkansas. Originally tonight we wanted to make it to North Carolina. But little things that you don't plan for get in the way, like time changes and lack of coffee.

Our permit driver is working hard. I am thinking tomorrow about putting her on a 2 hour driving schedule to reduce the fatigue a bit. The backroads Arkansas route had a lot of intersections and town crossings so it is more work than straight highway. The TN section was really agressive and even I struggled to understand a lot of the freeway signs.

All of today's travels stayed at a very cold 35-ish degrees. The sun was out through most of Arkansas but by Tennessee we finally encountered our first "snow" really, it was a flurry that didn't stick. I had a funny conversation with a gas attendant in Tennessee about what was up ahead in terms of the snow increasing or stopping. He told me I had about 30 more miles and I was off the mountain - I don't think we ever knew we were on one.

Arkansas was pretty. I didn't expect to like it so much We took a detour off I-40 before Little Rock and went along I-64, to I-67, to I-55, and back to I-40. It was less mileage but a slower running route. It got us through a lot of little towns and back country area I think we wouldn't have seen from I-40.

View from bridge over the Mississippi River going into TN:

Going into Memphis things really started going to dark. The I-40 pretty much from Memphis and past Nashville is an aggressive stretch of road. There were a ton of trucks moving through there.
Tennessee does have some impressive rest stops however. Someone on the state finances for rest stops likes clean comfort.
Mississippi River:

Tomorrow we do North Carolina (with I-40 detour for long standing rockslide repair) and into Virginia. I am weighing leaving Virginia Wednesday night; in part to get a jump on the return and in part to exit Virginia before their weather system for Thursday. We will see.

I do read all the blog comments even though I don't reply right now. My time really runs out and the laptop is different for me to use. Thank you for following.


  1. I hear the term "mountain" east of the Rockies is suspect and you have confirmed it.

    Love reading about the adventure and seeing the photos of parts of the country most of us will never venture to.

    And, the cows were nuts. How glorious!

  2. Is permit driver drinking coffee now?

    I also loved the cows, especially the one by the sign!

  3. The cows were fun. I think we were just desperate for some entertainment as well and something other than driving.

    Yah, the mountain was really funny. In fairness I could detect more of the elevation in the light of way without snow coming down but it was funny that I didn't even really notice we were on one.