Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missouri; will we ever leave?

For the first time we are actually in winter driving weather and after stopping in a town to get a sense of what was ahead of us, we decided to give up.

So we are staying at a Marriott near the Kansas City Airport. Yes. We are spending a third night in Missouri. We were supposed to be continuing up I-29 towards South Dakota and probably if we could have got to South Dakota we would have been home free. We have lots of company right now. Between conferences and stuck people all the hotels seem pretty full.

I don't know much about the people of Missouri or what normal winter is for them but either they don't have much snow driving conditions or they have a ton. Everyone just automatically slowed down and spaced out. I did find it interesting that an inch of rain was newsworthy though.


  1. Sorry to hear you are still in MO.

    I do know (thanks to JB) that everyone gets studded or snow tires (everyone has 2 sets of tires) and they know how to drive in snow, maybe not rain but snow.

    Well, at least you are getting your snow fix since snow is absent from th PNW this year.

  2. That totally makes sense. I am used to around North Bend where people still drive really agressive and stupid. It was strange. Everyone just fell into line, even the semis. The snow was different to drive on too...I would say it was sleet first which was more slick than our slush.

    I have never seen so many spunout cars along I-70 between Columbia and I-29 at Kansas City. It was just one after another. I am thinking last night or really early this morning must have been super icey.

    It is still snowing out here and very windy. It isn't even a really deep accumulation, just cold and slick.

    I have to thank the locals at a Bed Bath and Beyond that explained to me the next stretch of highway I was facing.