Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sister gets delivered to new home in Virginia

OK. A little more update. I had to take the time to rapidly consume this vegan sandwich from Virginia - it is amazing I am back to blog now and not basking in the goodness of it.

Today was the day we got our sister into Virginia. We made this trip cross country to get her moved and settled into a new life with her boyfriend. We woke up in Knoxville, Tennessee and drove through North Carolina, and finally into Virginia.

Good afternoon. It is 1:45pm, North Carolina time and our permit driver is ripping up the highway; giving me time to do some pre-writing for the blog and a ton of knitting. We are trying the 2 hour rotation and so far things are going great. She even did the driving out of Knoxville this morning with the morning commute so that I could eat. She is really getting into working her projects in her suburban workstation.

We learned a valuable lesson yesterday about coffee (and no, the permit driver isn't getting into the coffee - if for no other reason, she sees what happens when you can't live without it. :) So last night I looked up Starbucks in the area and wrote down directions. Our little caffeine addicts were like new people and started off the morning right.

We hurried out of Knoxville this morning with warnings of snow flurries from Knoxville all the way to Asheville. Also, because we didn’t make it all the way to Asheville we have an additional 2 hours to get into Norfolk Virginia late afternoon/early evening (the reality is, we knew we had to move my sister in and turn right back around and start the leg home).

Turns out eastern Tennessee is a lot prettier and more enjoyable in my opinion than the west side. I find North Carolina to be a pretty state. It is nice to have some trees again.

The Appalachian Mountains were very pretty – I was excited to get a chance to see them. Not like our mountains but still pretty to go over. I wished it had been clear weather for going over them. Then when we went into the Pisgah National Forest – beautiful! The sun is trying hard to come out, but mostly it is freezing cold and frequently pretty gray.

The car photos really don't do the grim justice. We got hit pretty well by the salting/sanding trucks and after going over the pass with all the other semis the cars were just caked. It was about 14 degrees on the pass. I kept trying to use the windshield wiper fluid to clean the glass but the squirter was frozen and so it would spray ineffectively.

Around 5pm (EST) our permit driver crossed the border into Virginia. We got the sister moved in between roughly 8 and 9 and even had time to have dinner together as a group with her boyfriend as well. It was almost odd to rush off after that. We are suddenly down a person and a car and on a mission get the high schooler back so she doesn't miss much school. My original return plan is slightly altering because of a system coming in tomorrow...but we already have a great jump on it. Don't let me down now weather ninja.

Goodnight. You will be pleased to know that the nearby Starbucks has been identified for tomorrow.


  1. I am sure your mom is loving the update on the condition of her car!

    C'mon weather ninja!

    It's been beautiful here - a touch chilly but blue sky and sun.

  2. Of course, it will be returned all nice and clean and full of gas :)