Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still In Columbia, MO

Good evening all. We ended up taking another night in Columbia. Hopefully we will get up at a good time tomorrow and get another full day of driving. The sister is still sick and I just couldn't drag her on the road again.

Permit driver and I have taken the opportunity to try and seek more real food for our meals while we are in an actual town.

Exploring in the light of day, I realized that the Quality Inn is across I-70 from the College (I think the University of Missouri). Anyway, when we went in search of food it was a lot like the U-district; difficult parking and lots and lots of pedestrians. The store fronts were considerably cuter though.

I couldn't figure out why the streets were so packed on a Saturday until I overheard a student and realized it was orientation. I am assuming early decision orientation or something? So many of the cars had parking tickets. I felt bad for them. By the way, you can get about 30 minutes on the meter for $.25. I was stunned the parking was so cheap. I got so excited I accidentally put 2 hours on the meter when I finally found one I could get the Suburban into.

This is the atrium outside our room with the pool. I know the photos are way too dark to really get a sense of it, but it is actually a very peaceful and nice area to walk out to. These views are literally outside our door.


  1. Yep! That's Permit Driver's room alright! So, an indoor pool!? How cush!

  2. I love that you over paid on the parking. $.25 is nuts! But that's the midwest for you. They aren't restricted by water or mountains = lots and lots of space (or cheap parking).

  3. In fairness I was in the room with her - it was a pretty even explosion. I just tend to keep mine to one corner.

    It was such a strange hotel; it would have actually been considered an older one of the "nicer" ones out there but it was actually a really pleasant place. We lucked out.