Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday: North Carolina and Tennessee

So yesterday started with a plan to make it to Paducah, Kentucky. One of my sisters woke up in North Carolina that morning with what she thought was heartburn; but as the drive and the day progressed she got more sick, despite all efforts to treat different symptoms.

North Carolina was beautiful that morning. Warmish and sunny, and it is nice to see the trees.

We cross the Appalachians again earlier in the day. She was ill but not as bad as she was going to get. I talked them into getting out of the car and exploring with me on the pass at a view point.

Compared to the first time we crossed, this day was beautiful. It was clear and not actively snowing.

This is the path to the viewpoint that I had them walk with me. None of us really had the shoes for the snow so there was a lot of slipping.

This is the first viewpoint. I edited out the feet which are in flip flops. :)

As we got further into Tennessee it became more and more obvious that my sister was probably sick and not suffering from heartburn or any other food stuff. We probably should have stopped in Knoxville again, but decided to push to Nashville. By then she was physically ill and we needed to stop for the night.

Tennessee as a state is so far not a favorite. In fairness, I have driven it twice on the same route, through Nashville - and I am not a city girl. Nashville is a big city and the street system reminds me a lot of the confusion in Seattle. I find it strange that so far the only state I have stayed two different nights in - one in Knoxville and one in Nashville - is the state that is probably my least favorite so far.

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