Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Morning from North Carolina!

We are hoping for clearer skies to go across the Appalachians again this morning - I am excited to see this range again. Hopefully the car won't get more grim. :)

It is amazing to have the internet so available to me on this trip. I have spent the morning route-adjusting for weather since we opted to not cut through western Virginia and into Kentucky (weather system). I use the Weather Channel Web site a lot to get current conditions and forecast. Honestly, it is has been pretty right on so far.

Now our plan is to back track to Nashville, TN on I-40 and then basically go up I-24 to I-70 to I-29 to I-90. Our BIG goal today - gain an hour. :) We slept in an additional hour this morning because we are counting on it.

We are basically going to start angling for I-90 (plan on picking up at Sioux Falls, South Dakota) while trying to sort of go up a quiet section of the country. It is actually sort of funny, we are adding on some states I wasn't planning on and dropping others.


  1. So glad things are going well. That the high schooler is driving well and that knitting is getting done.

    Speaking of high schooler, my mom was talking to some gal yesterday whose daughter will be chosing between high schoolers school or the all girl school on Capital Hill. They live in the 'quah. Deciding factor = tuition. I almost dropped the phone when I found out how much our alma mater is - Holy %#$@ - seriously, it's like 4 times the amount from when we went there. My mom said that Western was less expensive for Chris (including room and board) than ____. Unreal.

    Great photos. Keep on Trucking.

  2. That poor Suburban. Anyone know any good car detailers?

  3. Not only that (private high school) there is NO work study program any more and if you apply for a "grant" it is only $1,000!