Thursday, November 29, 2012

Roof Cleaning and Wind

Tuesday was the sort of weather that you wish you had all fall season.

It didn't rain, it even had some sun, and it was almost "warm."

My friend Cindy - Aquadog Spa, not to be confused with my online friend Cindy - Bird Brains and Dog Tales :) was telling me how she cleaned her gutters over the weekend. This shamed me into getting on my roof and dealing with the gutters and roof moss.

Even 6 months ago I wouldn't have dared get on a ladder with Nim loose below me.

He was perplexed.

As usual I set off all the neighbor dogs. We have a ton of free-roaming, unattended barking dogs on my street, but there is something about me on the roof which really sets off the frenzy more than my other yard work. It is not a particularly loud task and most can't see me so I have no idea why.

Nim got bored supervising.

Wednesday was a lot more cold and a lot more wind. We got one quick walk in before the rain hit in the afternoon.

Totally off topic but my hair is out of control this fall/winter. I normally have pretty straight and a fair amount of hair, however this season it is like it has an inner-frizz that wants to come out. I am seriously about to get a headband it is driving me so nuts. I haven't seen it this out of control since I drove cross country and had to deal with some of the cold and dry states.

I almost need a Christmas season sewing project, but I may have to just be content with the NASCAR quilt. Have a great day!


  1. We leave the gutter cleaning to the experts. With a 2 story house there is no way either Charlie or I are getting up there. BTW I don't mean to sound like a mother, but should you really be taking pictures while at the top of a ladder or on the roof? Nim sure looked cute though playing with his toys looking up at you and wondering what was going on.


    1. LOL! Oh my gosh Cindy, I laughed and laughed at your "mom" comment...and I mean that in the nicest way. My mom actually does read my blog and I have no doubt that was one of the thoughts that crossed her mind too.

      The good news is my house is very small, short, single story, without much of a slope to the roof. Not that I couldn't fall off - but not quite darwin award worthy. :)

      The photo I took while actually balancing on the ladder was definitely my most stupid one. Even gave me pause after I did it. :)

  2. I could never clean our gutters... I would fall off the ladder for sure! lol.. My hair has been frizzy and fuzzy too!!!

    1. Trust me, if it was a really tall roof I wouldn't be up there!

  3. I hope you don't live on a busy road with those free-roaming dogs. I hate seeing dead animals on the road.

    If you don't like your inner frizz hair, you definitely wouldn't like living here. My hair is naturally curly/wavy. A lot of mornings I'll blow dry my hair out, and walk outside, then back inside and it will be a frizz ball. I pretty much stopped blow drying it a lot of the time.

    Could you please send some of that cold over here already? When I looked at my phone forecast it showed 79 for a high for the next 5 days :(

    1. I live more rural, so sadly I do see a lot of dead pets, more cats than dogs. My actual road is relatively quiet, but two dogs that I know of have been hit on it, both by their own neighbors. It is sad for everyone.

      OK. I do sort of feel sorry for you with upcoming temperatures...sort of. :)

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  5. @ Rolf – there is a possibility. :-) And I do agree with your point about roof cleaning. It is the first step to maintain your roof. Making sure that your roof is free of debris is always good. You don’t have to worry about clogging during the rainy and winter seasons. [Hugh Dinatale]

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