Thursday, May 10, 2012


I was so ridiculously tired and grouchy after the plumbing mess yesterday. The leak is stopped and we are slowly cleaning up.

See the small space up top of the above photo? That is the area the cats retreat to - via Pascal's cage which is currently in my kitchen.

After the plumber left, I let the cranky cats out and then stood there watching Leela run up the wall repeatedly to try and get to the upper space. I was stunned really. I thought she was the brains of the operation. But then she almost successfully went up the bathroom door jam which means my bathroom door is currently closed.
Leela then resorted to about 2 hours of running rapidly back and forth between Pascal in the kitchen and the bathroom door area. Talking. Some people find her talking cute. I don't. She eventually collapsed (making sure I could see her) and thought about the many ways her life is unfair.

Emile just stayed under the bed. He would deal with me later.
With most of my bathroom in one corner of the kitchen and Pascal in the middle I needed to tune the mess out and I turned to baking.

First off, I had 2 pounds of Brussels Sprouts to deal with. But I also wanted to try these Healthy Lemon Squares. I almost went with the new Banana Split Pancakes and probably should have in terms of the right food for the mood.

I did do my crust with whole wheat flour but other than that was true to recipe.

The lemon filling was really good. It actually reminded me of soy lemon yogurt! I didn't quite have enough lemon so I added what ever pulp was in the juicer to make it more of a lemon taste.
You will note no food coloring. I forgot to use turmeric but really the color won't make a difference to the taste.
I am sure that Pascal in the kitchen is some type of food prep violation but there is nothing I can do about it right now. For Pascal this is fun times. He loves being right out there with everyone else. He was especially entertained by Leela's meltdown.

Fortunately my next official bake sale isn't until June 16th (it will be in North Bend) and the chinchilla will be out of the kitchen by then.


  1. I love the new header, very colourful and appropriate. I'm glad you were able to turn the mood around with some baking. I want to try those lemon bars too. I need to get back in my baking zone.

  2. Thank you for the comment on the header! I really have this larger vision and just don't have the time for it, but this blog needs a bit of color to it. I have been on a lot of quilting sites again lately and I am in love with some of the blog designs! I was really inspired by your latest change as well. It was long overdue for me.

    I want to try the lemon bars again with more lemon. Keep in mind I didn't have enough to begin with and just added pulp in hopes it would be enough. But mine were kind of mild.

    I bet you are inspired by some of the stuff you ate in Japan!