Friday, May 25, 2012

Bits of Sun in a Week of Rain

This photo says a lot...rolling gray clouds, rain, and bits of sunshine. As I write this it is raining hard and there has been thunder.

Should be a good evening for some baking.

I had to go over Tiger Mountain both Thursday and today. There is a pullout that is good for hiking off Highway 18.

This photo was a break in the rain on Thursday:
It rained so hard on the way to Highway 18, we almost didn't stop.

This photo is from today:

Check out that sun! Amazing sun considering we started the hike in dark clouds.

Nim did some swimming at Aquadog Spa this afternoon. We do a fetch game to keep him swimming. It is actually the only time he will play fetch and it is a high powered game of fetch. It wears both of us out, but so good for his active and strong body!

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Weekend. The highways out here are pretty intense with traveling traffic which is about the only reason I even remembered it was a holiday weekend.


  1. that is so cute that they have a spa, I actually want to jump in there with him.
    Life is about finding those bits of sun amidst the rain.

    1. I totally agree with you. And that is the way this week has been. :)

      I used to get in all the time with my other boy Odin because he just wanted to sit in my lap the entire time. Nim doesn't quite get the "still" part yet. But he is very young.