Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Other Blogs Happenings

We are having some incredible weather right now. Nim pretty much harasses me from the moment he wakes up for us to be outside.

My work and homework has to happen indoors in my office. Usually by afternoon the office has become too warm so then I start on stuff that doesn't need a computer and we pretty much camp in the yard.

Nim looks worried because there are bees in the bush next to him. He also wants his toy.
Random blog happenings:

First off Chocolate-Covered Katie is doing a Vita-mix giveaway! The site is slow loading right now, but there are several ways to enter.

(PS. I have made about 4 iterations of her coffee cake from yesterday and one attempt at taking that concept + the single serving chocolate cake to create a single serving German chocolate cake...eh...I will try again.)

Secondly, thanks to Vogelstar I now want to visit Japan. Her posts have been great fun! I had to read up on the Straw Hat Cafe after her latest post on the Studio Ghibli Museum.

(True story: about a week after I got Nim home I suddenly wished I had named him Ponyo which I will now use later in my life for sure on another dog. The thing was I had been fixated on the name Nim for months after watching this cheesy (but right up my alley) made for TV series "Surface.")

And lastly, I am involved in my first online book club. The book is "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens and I will be writing my own review of it by the end. I was relieved to see comments and updates by several other participants that found the book uncomfortable, at least when they started it. I am about halfway through it and it definitely has hooked me but it was a raw start, I didn't much care for it, and my jury is definitely still out. I am really excited to be participating in the book club however.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Very strange as I was thinking of ordering that same book.
    Straw Hat Cafe has a strawberry sandwich that looks so pretty.
    Let me know when you get the German cake recipe down

    1. Well my review isn't for a couple of weeks. :) Even now I am trying to decide how to review it with respect to how much a person may or may not want to know before they read it themselves.

      You have a woman who is abducted and then extremely isolated with her abductor. The physical abuse is rough enough, but the control and emotional abuse probably makes most reader's stomach twist even more. It is pretty rough stuff to see the damage into her life after abduction.

      When I did a search on the Straw Hat Cafe I think I actually saw a photo of that sandwich!

  2. I guess because of the work I do, I can handle the uglier side of humanity a bit more than the average person. Not exactly a good thing I suppose.

    1. VERY good point about what we bring to the book. Some readers will not get past the physical/sexual element. For me the control/emotional has been the bigger challenge.

  3. I think it will be interesting to see everyone's take on it