Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Should Have Been A Plumber

 In all seriousness, if I was a plumber I would never have to worry about employment and be equipped for the one plumbing crisis after another that seems to be hitting this house.

Last night my main house bathroom flooded. By the time I got some control over the water it became clear that the leak was more related to the sink than the toilet, but regardless, all the water to the house was once again shut off.
 If I ever own cats again after these two it will either be in a house with a shutting door or they will be kennel trained. Catching them is never fun and never without injury to me.
 This plumber has been here more than once (no surprise) but it has been literally 3+ years. He has NEVER forgotten Odin - who only looked at him. He sits in his truck and waits until I come out to ask me if the dogs are put up. :)

He hasn't even seen Nim! His loss in Nim's opinion.
 The leak is naturally in a sealed wall. The wall that Pascal is normally against.So now Pascal is in the kitchen. He might be the only pet enjoying the excitement of today.
Every kitchen should have a chinchilla in it.
And the leak? It is a tiny pinpoint break in the galvanized piping.


  1. Pascal still looks very young :) Surely, Plumber wasn't afraid of him! There will lots to explore for all the animals tonight!

    1. He looks really young! I think he is about 12 now which is crazy. And no, the plumber tried to talk to him.

  2. There will BE lots...............sheesh!

  3. oh boy, sorry to hear about it. I hope that the clean up is a breeze for you. We had some leaking going on too and I'm afraid the old bucket under the drip method can only last so long.

    Yes I'm back and have finally started posting again. I hope you enjoy what you see, though I'm still working out the kinks

    1. Hello! It is great to have you back!

      The cleaning right now is a lot of drying out. I am trying to be patient with my house out of order which is a big deal because the area is so small.

      No bucket would have caught this was spraying water.

    2. if it makes you feel any better, our bathroom will be in tatters for 8 days for renovations and it's right outside my room.