Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny Saturday

 Obviously I needed some "day of" birthday photos. 

Today is our hottest day so far which I am loving, but I think Nim could do without.
He got a bath today.
Notice he is cooling on the dirt ground after a mad running session around my parents yard.
Myrtle doesn't care if it is his birthday or not she doesn't want to see him.
Molly will never forgive me for trapping her and cutting her nails. Never.
Leela is on day 4 of intense suffering due to the moving of the Chinchilla cage. I had no idea she could talk so much.

And now for Saturday randomness:

There was a great interview done with Doh Driver, Manager of Sidecar for Pigs Peace and co-owner of Wayward Cafe. I really remember the first time meeting her and she is one of the main reasons I will actually drive all the way into Seattle to support her and the work she does.

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