Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daisy the Senior Dalmatian - K9 Nose Work Class

Daisy is one of 3 senior Dalmatians currently living with Cindy.

When I first started swimming Rusty and Nim at Aquadog Spa Cindy was balancing 5 seniors. She had been very active in Dalmatian rescue and these were the ones that never left.
Dr. Kate Schottman of Sunset Pet Hospital has recently lost her own senior dog (which she trained in K9 Nose Work at the end of its life) and decided to offer a senior dog scholarship in memory towards a Nose Work class with any facility the recipient selected.

Daisy was the lucky recipient!

Seattle Agility Center in Maple Valley is the closest facility for Cindy.
Daisy has a very independent working demeanor. Despite living with Cindy for years this experience has actually changed and strengthened their bond  - benefiting both dog and handler.
Daisy is standing at the entry to the search area and ready to go!
For an old pup with arthritis she move through the search area effortlessly.
Today's lesson focused a lot on teaching them to use the walls in the scent picture. Can you see the tiny cookie on the floor?
And there it is again (different hide) as she comes down the wall towards it.
You can tell she is having a great time working. This hour is all about her.
The box she is sniffing on the chair actually is "hot" (below photo) in that it was used to hold her cookie previously so it makes complete sense she is going to check it out. She will then need to sort and narrow down the cookie now outside of the box and in the area behind her.
K9 Nose Work offers an amazing opportunity to use the senior dog brain power and go easier on the body. I love seeing all the older dogs that are getting into this for the first time. I see nothing but benefits in this experience.

Daisy is 15 and literally just started learning this about 5 weeks ago but enters that search area like she owns it! She loves her practice and looks forward to her classes every Sunday. :)


  1. Replies
    1. I know. Isn't that sweet?! I almost got emotional just writing the post because I get so excited about new options for the senior pups. And seeing them learn and enjoy.

  2. Daisy is beautiful and I think it's terrific that the senior dogs get this sort of experience

    1. It really is an amazing option especially for the older dogs!

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