Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do-over Tuesday

You would think that with all my baking on Monday that it would have been a content day but it really felt rough and I ended up sleeping poorly again that night.

Then this morning we woke up to more steady rain.

When the rain broke around 9am I was faced with a decision. I had eaten a huge breakfast and I was excessively overtired but I knew a hike would overall do Nim and I good.

So we hit the road for a quick one.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of riding in the car with Nim when he is excited knows that he is loud.

Some dog owners like to listen to their dogs whines of happiness the entire drive to the location. I do not. Nim knows this and so he puts his head as far away from me as possible against the passenger side door and makes his delightful noise the entire drive. The. Entire. Drive.
We got roughly 20 minutes into our hike and it started pouring. Sigh.

One of my least favorite parts of trail has been redecorated by the local bear. They are hungry and stripping the trees for sap.
Nim was impossible for photographing because he wanted to sniff everything excessively and play with the bark strips.
The photos don't do this justice but this is a really cool shaped tree.

While this damage greatly improved this section of trail for me, I realize it is a nightmare to tree survival.

Some of the tree farm areas will set up feed stations to help deal with this during the spring. I have been hiking this trail for years and never seen damage to this stretch, but they did a ton of clear-cutting in the past year or two so I am sure territories are changed.


  1. haha sorry that's too cute that Nim still does his little thing but in as much privacy as he can find.
    It's so strange to see major migration of animals over the years. We have a Canada Goose infestation here because they don't fly south anymore in the winters that are so mild here lately. And we had a bear walking the city last week - the first bear sighting in this area.

    1. OK, that made me laugh...yes, he still does his little thing for sure. More and more I accept the quirks that are him because so much of him is worthwhile. He is a lot of dog some days though.

      Wow! I get sad when some of the non-city game gets pushed into urban areas. They just don't have a lot of places to go I think.

  2. Your dog is so cute!! I love to hike! I can't believe a bear did that to a tree! Crazy..

    1. I know. I love looking at wildlife signs like this. I would be something else to see them doing it - although they usually run off when they see me (which is a good thing).