Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pet Food Stamps

I ended up missing my Friday charity post (which I will remedy in this one) and I am three days into March already, but it was a busy week and Friday was exceptionally busy.

Leela's favorite day was Thursday, because I ironed fabric:

February, while I am glad the month is over, was a good month for goals. Nim's "trick" of the month was stroller riding, and thanks to the stroller we went to several places I don't normally walk him because they were paved - so our monthly goals were accomplished.

I have a feeling March will bring many new places...just this weekend we explored Lakemont Park in Bellevue. I never even knew it existed. It is very small, but hooks onto a lot of other trails I had never been on before.

Despite a couple of days with strangely warm daytime weather, the snowline still really came down over night last night.

Pet Food Stamps

I got REALLY excited when I read about The Pet Food Stamps Program, although I was hesitant to feature it because it is new, and while registered as a not for profit, it doesn't have its official tax deductible status yet for donations (this means you can donate, but cannot yet claim a tax deduction for the donation).

I am also really darn interested to see how it does, but I really do want it to succeed. It sounds like they have been absolutely slammed with requests, so I am hoping to hear some success stories soon.

(*If you are looking for assistance with pet food costs, do check with your local human food bank. In my area, our human food bank does offer pet food, and I believe people can pick up donations at the Humane Society as well.)

Have a relaxing Sunday evening!

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  1. You made me laugh with Leela's favorite day!

    Nim looks happy to be out and about!

    The Pet Food Stamps Program sounds like an awesome program. I too hope it works well. I really don't know how the government thinks, if you should just starve your pet or what?! I know we have a handful of pet food banks in our county. I try to donate when a friend sends me coupons for food and treats.