Monday, March 31, 2008


The first issue of WeaveZine! (Spring 2008)

Weavers now have their own free online publication. Issues will be quarterly; with planned regular features including book and product reviews. There is submission guidelines for people interesting in contributing.

The editor of WeaveZine also has a blog called the WeaveGeek. Now I am not a weaver but that didn't stop me from checking it out and she does mention the Yarn Harlot in her blog.

This beautiful luncheon cloth woven by Kate Jantz-Koprivnik (previously referred to as the woman that taught me to knit) is currently featured on main site page of WeaveZine (well done Kate!). It is the subject of Kate's article: Subdued Glitz.

In her article, Kate shares the experimentation that went into achieving the subtle glitter she was looking for without compromising the feel or the drape of the woven piece. At the end of the article is a pattern for the luncheon cloth.