Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas creations

I didn't get to sew as much as I had wanted for Christmas gifts; but I did make a couple of things.

One was a yoga mat bag. I followed Simplicity 3683 "Yoga accessories." Ugh. The pattern. It was painfully obvious how long it had been since I had followed one of these types of patterns when I made this bag. I have high hopes that these pattern companies are going to start pushing themselves either into the digital and/or color photo age of patterns.

I honestly am lucky that I actually did take some sewing classes as a kid and have a base of knowledge on how to read these patterns. I am so used to magazine patterns now, or small company envelope patterns/books with color photos and where they must do a lot more testing and if there is a mistake it is a lot easier to find a correction online.

I might be a little bit bitter because of how long it took me to understand a basic pocket. :) The result was great though!

I also knitted a dress for a bunny I had knitted a few years ago. This pattern comes from the book Debbie Bliss "Toy Knits," and the pattern is "Farmer Rabbit." I think this is the 3rd article of clothing I have made for that bunny.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Curse of the baby sweater

FINALLY I finished this baby sweater...about 6 months past birth date. Thankfully, not only does it fit; but it is too big. Pattern is "robin hood jacket" from Zoe Mellor's "adorable knits for tots."

I thought that the worst thing that happened on this sweater was when I ran out of a yarn (Rowan cork is discontinued and I ultimately located it at Fine Points); but no, once I got the hood finished and the buttons bought...then I discovered my larger mistake. I forgot the buttonholes. Specifically I forgot 3 buttonholes. I actually made one of them; fortunately at the bottom of the garment and not in the middle.

SO. After a suggestion from my mom I went the strip o' snaps route and actually, it all turned out very well! I have to thank the particularly helpful woman at Pacific Fabrics for her almost afterthought comment of "I hope you have a zipper foot." I may not be particularly good at using it, but I do have one, and without her saying that I am not sure how long it would have taken me to remember on my own to use it.

You will note the strip of purple (or is that magenta? I believe it is called "very berry") on the hood...that wasn't an artistic decision. I actually ran out of the blue yarn I had ordered.

About 2 hours after the jacket was photographed outside a dark snow storm rolled in and blanketed the yard.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Card making

So this is sort of fun. Yesterday I went to Make an Impression in Issaquah. Not actually one of my more favorite stores, but the closet one. I was looking for maybe a new stamp for my last minute card making which means I won't actually get much done. I didn't find a new stamp, but I was fascinated by the use of tiny beads on cards.

Basically you have this super strong sheet of adhesive that you cut to shape, stick on the card and then sprinkle with these impossibly tiny and rambunctious beads. The process makes embossing seem controlled.

But, I liked the result. I don't know if the the photo will show it well.

First, just one ornament beaded so you can see what it looks like with and without beads:

Then, the all the ornaments beaded:

Lastly, and not related to beading, but rescue kitten had his neuter yesterday. I thought it meant that he would be slowed down for the day but no such luck. He weighed in at an impressive 8lbs (considering we could barely keep him at 2 lbs a couple of months ago this is amazing growth as the vet said) and while one of his teeth is still significantly offset it is still not a problem at this point.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to one dog

Today since the visiting shepherd was getting to go home we did one more hike to wear her out in the morning. It had snowed again yesterday and then over night. She really does love the snow.

She never did quite understand how seriously snuggling is regarded in this household, but the quilting doberman did get her just once:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Play like a Shepherd

The quilting doberman gets a lesson in how a shepherd plays in the snow.

Yesterday, right before the snow storm hit I went to a belly dance studio where they were having a benefit for woman with cancer. I got a henna design and then left as quickly as possible because of the incoming storm.

First real snow day

Starting yesterday afternoon and continuing all night we got a ton of snow. Pardon the frosty photos...I am learning that the camera has some limits in the extreme cold.

Visiting shepherd would like it if I left her out there in the snow indefinitely. When I bring her back in the house all she wants is to be back in the snow so she starts harassing everyone until they beg for her to be sent back out. Quilting doberman think she is crazy.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


The quilting doberman and his cats have a visitor for the next couple of weeks. When she isn't busy trying to get the quilting doberman to play with her she moves on to rescue kitten, which is the only one of the cats that actually seems to enjoy her.

You will note rescue kitten quickly figuring out that visiting shepherd will sit patiently for hours waiting for rescue kitten to come over the table and tease her.

Elder kitty was interested until visiting shepherd repeatedly swept her giant tail across elder kitty's head. Elder kitty has limits.

Rescue kitten says that since visiting shepherd came with large fluffy pillow that she is OK for now: