Sunday, March 26, 2017

Signs of Spring (Done with Winter), Cascade Yarns KAL, and Dreaming...

Here we are...WELL into Lent, and I am just so lacking in blog posting for one of my favorite time of year.

One of the kickstarters I wish I mentioned during this season of Lent before it closed is Love Letter for My Children - The Maggie Doyne Documentary.  I have mentioned BlinkNow and Maggie Doyne on more than one occasion and I am looking forward to seeing what they produce.

This winter has simply crushed me. Some of it is the weather, some of it is a series of uncomfortable events all in these past months, and probably (hopefully) some of it is another internal change/growth. The picture above is straw on my Gunnera, which I hope survived the winter. I wonder if this straw covered Gunnera is a slight metaphor for myself right now...a bit dormant with bits of green growing everywhere and something potentially growing deep buried that no one can see yet.

I was extra relieved to see a sign of the Easter Lilies! All the Easter Lilies got completely decimated last year due to a weed wack miscommunication and I greatly worried about them. I felt much better to see them starting to bloom.

The above block is the single block I have completed for the Cascade Yarns KAL. They have released 8 blocks so far. Oh well. Hahaha. I am committed to it, and actually have enjoyed most of the blocks. I think the biggest challenge with this KAL is the various designers. You would think that wouldn't be a problem, unless like me you hate checking your gauge.

The best thing about the KAL is once again I always have a knitting project with me when I leave the house. I am happy to have knitting back in my life that regularly again, even if it is just 15 minutes here and there.

My sewing machine took a month+ holiday in the repair shop and I only recently got it back. I hope it enjoyed its time off. Now I need to catch up on some quilts!

I have some great things coming in the next months which I am looking forward to and dreaming about:

April 15th - Friends of The Trees, Medicinal Herb Growing
April 16th - Easter (Nim will have his cute little Easter neck tie on soon).
April 18th - Tax Deadline (This has been my first year working client entirely on my own. This is a good thing, much as been learned).
May 12th - Beach Vacation!!!

("Spring" Drawn at the Chinese New Year celebration in Bellevue)

3 of us decided about a month ago that we needed a book club. It would allow for beer and wine drinkers to hang together, with their dogs, and knitting. I have occasionally looked for a book club, and have yet to find a good fit.

For our first book we selected "A Man Called Ove." This was before I realized it was a movie. Thanks to the movie I now can pronounce "Ove" correctly. Without giving much away, this is what I will say about this book - only 2 out of 3 of us finished it. The 2 of us that finished it, started it, got to a given point, took a break, and then sucked it up and tried again. It is not a hard read. It is not a long read. It is depressing. Yes it redeems at the end, and I am generally glad I finished it, but it doesn't suck you in for escape (at least not me).

In between quilting today, I will be narrowing down some new book ideas for our group. Happy Sunday in this season of Lent.