Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Rail Fence Quilt

My youngest sister has been joining me at quilt group and just finished her first quilt in time for our final meeting day. This quilt will be donated. She did a great job and I hope to get a chance to work on another one with her.

Also, we finally broke a long run of truly rotten weather which has been a welcomed relief for everyone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emma's Quilt

This Rail Fence Quilt is another quilt kit put together by one of my quilting groups that is going to have its last meeting this coming Friday. It was originally started by a friend of my youngest sister, then it was passed back to my sister to work on it, as well as some sewing by a different friend and finally finished by me so I could get it done by our last meeting. :)

Cuddle Buddy - not remotely knitting or sewing related. :)

I don't shop much at Chinworld anymore after my female chinchilla passed away a few years ago and the shipping charges were too high to justify ordering the smaller amounts for one, but every once in awhile I check out the site for new things and awhile ago they added the Cuddle Buddy.

Pascal (pictured) was/is a huge snuggler. The above photo is how he used to cuddle with Gabrielle. Gabrielle never much cared for it but tolerated it when she realized he wasn't ever leaving. When she passed away I would roll up my t-shirt at the end of the day and he would cuddle with that and I still do so when he seems more listless or depressed.

The moment he watched me trying to get it out of the package and get the "squeeze me" sticker off he started circling and cooing. He loves grooming it and moving it around.