Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yardwaste Recycling, 2011

Saturday kicked off the first day of yardwaste recycling in North Bend for the season. It is free for residents and despite having a large yard for piling up my storm damage, I really do take advantage of it. If nothing else, it tends to be easier to load up my truck than drag everything into the woods.

Yardwaste day always makes me thinking of going to the dump as a kid. Except it smells better and there are not spiders on the garbage cans. My friend's son really gets a kick out of going to the dump too and she finds it so odd, but I totally get it. For some reason it is one of my enjoyable childhood memories too.

The sun came out Friday rendering me "functional" and greatly improving my relationship with Nim. I was able to take advantage of the weather to load my truck for the first run Saturday morning.

The Trillium are coming in. I always get a few in the same section of the yard. Trillium are apparently on the toxic list for dogs. Fortunately my dogs really only want to stomp on them.

Costco has been selling three pack of dog toys lately. I can't really trust Nim with fluff-filled toys anymore, but if I am watching him I let him have them.

Nim was perfectly content to run the yard all day. He also doesn't try to sneak out the gate while I am loading the truck.

Saturday morning it was time to head out to the recycling facility.

Rusty doesn't get a lot of opportunity, but he really has become quite the truck dog. My jeep was in the shop again recently and Rusty really thought he was top dog tootling around town with me out of his crate.

He has come far for a dog that was super anxious in the car when I first got him.

He is always a great companion for this errand. While being an easy dog to love, Rusty is often a hard dog to like, so I really value the things we do together that really bring out the best in his personality. Rusty likes routine and simplicity. He likes things to happen in his preferred order and at his comfort level.

At the North Bend facility, the people watching for Rusty is fantastic.

When we got back from our first load (I did three on Saturday), I let him explore the yard while I started gathering piles again. For him, the movement of the piles is like a brand new yard for exploring.