Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This morning it is snowing lightly and cold!

Such a contrast to the warmth and sun of last week.

Anyway, this weekend was packed craziness, but the homework got done and I went to Argus Ranch to watch the agility dogs. Nim got a smoked bone in the deal which he wouldn't even share with the cats.

I got my Mad Lunch Lady challenge project turned into Gossypium Quilt Shop on Saturday. I need to go back to the shop and see what other people did.

I probably won't do the challenge in May because I have such limited creative time right now anyway and I have some quilts I would like to get back to. 

Emile is on sun watch. :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mochimochi Land "Fine Feathered Photo Contest" (we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog)

Hello readers!

I had a post planned for today, involving the usual: Nim, the cats, my finished Mad Lunch Lady project, but then my sister sent me her submission for the Mochimochi Land "Fine Feathered Photo Contest" and my blogging plans changed.

You are for a treat tonight.

Enjoy this guest artist post because I can assure you, I am not knitting something this tiny, no matter how tempted I am at this moment.

It will help if you have seen "Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark." This is the fastest version of the movie highlights ever - with knitted bunnies and chicks. Photographed in the wilderness of Issaquah, WA.

Scene 1:
"Indie Chick is about to find out that wee bunny hides his weight well..."

Scene 2:

Scene 3:
"Surrounded by angry natives and the worst part is Indie Chick has lost his hat."

Now if you are like my mom and I and need video prompts to remember this movie-masterpiece enjoy these following clips:

Indie Chick Scene 1

Indie Chick Scene 1 and 2

Enjoy. I pretty much can't stop laughing at these.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Warmest Day of Spring

Today was supposedly the warmest day this week. I am not sure if it was or not, but it was still wonderful. We did a super early hike so that the bulk of the day could go to homework.

It is nice to have the windows open to air out the house and entertain the cats. The neighbor's rooster seemed particularly talkative today.

A very content Nim. We could get used to days like this...minus the homework probably, but it is good for my brain I suppose.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunshine Contentment

Thank you all for nice wishes on my exam today. I did it. I survived. I won't know for awhile if I passed or not. It was a beta process I have been involved with for months. 

Some of my reading has been done outside. This is one of many times I wish I had a door directly to my fenced yard. Fortunately Nim has become a lot more mature about just sitting out there. I don't have to be right there with him and I can get yard work, studying, and chores done.

Even Pascal was in his sun spot.

Another rhododendron has taken off into bloom. They are all on different blooming schedules. I have tried and tried to get a good photo of the apple tree salvation process, but it just looks messy. You will have to trust me, progress has been made.

Have a great Tuesday evening.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Two Missing Pit Bulls, North Fork South Fork Tolt Reservation, Skykomish, North Bend, WA

I am not sure how many local readers I have beyond my family and friends, but just in case, this is the text of my listing I posted this morning in a couple of other public locations.

I am aware of a lot missing dogs, a lot of time, but this one is in more wilderness without much resources to help.

I wanted to post a more detailed update for the two missing pit bulls in the North Fork wilderness area based on a couple of phone conversations I had this morning. I am not the owner and do not personally know the people or the dogs involved, just trying to help an unfortunate situation. Two previous postings:


Their owner was walking them off one of the service roads at the very end of the North Fork Rd when they took off. This would be below the McClain Peak area (considerably past spur gate 10). He was able to track them a couple of days heading downstream along the North Fork river. The North Fork is running strong right now and these are not dogs that will swim unless they really have to.

They will most likely not cross the river and if I understand correctly they are on the NORTH side of the river. Tracks seen below the South Fork Tolt Reservoir continuing along the North Fork River.

Owner has been in contact with the loggers and security in the area and plans to try and contact them via CB probably today. More signs should be going up today as well. I didn't see any signs along the North Fork Rd up to the Spur Gate 10 on Sunday. If you are hiking in the area, be sure to let anyone know that you see.

I have attached a map as I understand the location they went missing. I highlighted the main line, and North Fork road as well to help people orient to the location. I was not there and have not been back to the location at this point so this was the best I could do from phone conversations. They have been missing since April 16th.

They both have considerable white coloring (one all white). Both males. The all-white male is a big boy, around 100 pounds.

Depending on what happened around the watershed they could be just as likely to be heading into North Bend as they could be heading into Skykomish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and help with this situation!


A couple of great things about this Monday:
  1. It is supposed to be sunny (or at least not rain as much as this weekend...sheesh!)
  2. I am on the final day before my 6 hour test on Tuesday - time to get this thing done!
Saturday morning I took my midterm pretty much the moment it opened up. I was ready and I needed it over with so I could switch my brain to the next deadline. Leela was present for support.

Then I went on a cleaning rampage and made pretzels:

So first off, I was supposed to divide the dough into either 6 or 12 pieces. Not that it matters, but honestly, 16? I am better than that. I blame it on fatigue.

Anyway, as you can see 16ths didn't really make them super tiny or anything.

Can you guess which pretzel I twisted first? :) I did really laugh at myself at how challenged I was to twist a basic pretzel, but after the first one I was on track.

I wasn't as creative as these, but they have been a nice snack. I find that with all the school stuff and this test on Tuesday I am not eating super great right now. After Tuesday I can focus on school only and maybe not feel so stretched.

How is your Monday?!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Solutions & World Wide Vegan Bake Sale

Nope, I don't leave this on when I am not around.

What does everyone else have going on for this Friday and weekend?!


I forgot to mention the Vegan Bake Sale in Seattle this weekend! I hope you can get out and enjoy.

Photo: We are officially signed up on the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale website with full bakesale details available there as well as on our own Events page.
Fun Fact to start off your monday with... Vegan Haven is one of only two or three groups (so far) to have participated in ALL FIVE YEARS of the WVBS! And we are thrilled to be!
Remember to share our event with your friends and we are always welcoming more bakers! 
Email bakesale@pigspeace.com to sign up!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Send Sun

Good morning! I am going to warn you, I am not the most content right now. Hanging in there, but I am a touch grouchy. :)

Not as grouchy as Leela and Emile however.

Yesterday my pellet stove official died with a bit of a noise and more unfortunately a poof of black smoke. I then had to open the windows to air out the house, while trying to resurrect the pellet stove which has yet to happen.

Because of a schedule of tests I have coming between this Sunday and next Sunday I can't even deal with a repair person right now. Warm weather...you are welcome any time now.

I have added the space heater to my "office space" which is already out of control with all my books and papers. You know from previous photos I have a delicate organization system involving my bed as well as the floor, that I then take apart every night to hide all the documents so that Emile won't eat them.

In the current lack of pellet stove situation, everything in my house is at risk of Emile's wrath right now.

Nim has also taken to storing his toys under my chair because there isn't enough crammed into that area anyway, and really, who doesn't want to step on a chewed antler.

During down time between studying we are heavy into training. My attention is back on the Rally-free novice signs for an event in May. This professional chair and dog bed set-up is to develop our "switch" meaning we are heeling one side, we both flip the same direction 180 degrees (in his case I am shaping his change around a chair) and then resume heeling with him on the other side. 

The hula hoop is more my experimenting. It is kind of funny how a hula hoop makes everyone scatter.

I have had a lot of Webinars this week which means a lot of Mad Lunch Lady project. My biggest beef is that the ridges of fabric are lumpy and what cat or dog wants to lay on that? Perhaps this will be a wall hanging, a rug, or the largest pot holder ever.

Emile says "send sun."

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rain, Sun, Study

What a weird weather day! The sun and rain kept switching without notice.

Today was all about studying. No surprise there.

And yes, Nim covers his head and his head only, especially at night and in the early morning.

Finally there was stint of warmer, sun weather and I went to study outside.

But it started pouring again so it was back to the desk.

I don't have much brain power left for the day. Maybe time for some TV and knitting.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ridiculously Cute Dog Cookie

The rain and snow just never seemed to quit yesterday. I only got a snow-mix at my elevation, but the mountains got a lot of snow.

This morning I woke up to pouring rain and settled in for another long tedious day of homework when suddenly the sun broke.

I couldn't get us out the door fast enough. I even spent some time off trail so Nim could get his jumping in.

Once we were done I was loading him in the car and realized he smelled incredibly bad so we were off to bathing. It was at the bathing place the Nim scored this totally cute dog treat (there was much drama trying to set up this photo).

Saturday, April 13, 2013


My need to travel is in high gear right now and it is driving me a bit nuts. I suspect it is a combo of too much homework and too much rain and not enough outlets. Because of the pup, mostly I dream about road trips, but then there was this "Spring in Crete" post. Sigh. I bet Nim would do well in Greece.

We are in for rain and cold this weekend. I will take what little color I can get, like these flowers outside my door.

The pellet stove went back on high yesterday as did the "negotiating."

I did stay up too late Thursday night starting my Mad Lunch Lady project. I have committed to attempting to make a Simple Rug Snuggle for the Snuggles Project. Every once in a while I wish I could crochet, and this is one of those times. Crochet simply does better in creating a nice round rug.

To make this work I am incorporating fabric strips from my mystery bag:

That I am zig-zagging together:

And rolling into a fabric ball:

I would be much further along except I unfortunately had to pull a bunch on Friday and I really don't have many blocks of knitting time. But this is attempt number 2:

On Brittany's site she is proposing a spring cleaning challenge and this next week is supposed to be closets. Two things:

1. I don't need a challenge to clean, I love to clean, especially if I would rather not be doing my homework.

2. I don't tend to keep a lot of stuff to throw away in the first place.

I do however love participating in challenges and there is always room for cleaning improvements. :)

We are supposed to take photos of our work, which I may or may not do...I did however take a photo of my closet plant. Sigh. We have about a one year relationship in which it sneaks in the closet and I cut it back out. Emile loves it.

I hope everyone has a productive Saturday if you need it (like me) or a relaxing Saturday if you don't.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blue Moon Magic Quilt Raffle

Good morning!

I have been meaning to mention Cindy's raffle for about a month! Quilting clubs often will raffle a quilt to support their work. All quilting clubs I have ever been a part of do a considerable amount of charity quilting.

Support a great cause with a chance to win a beautiful work of art. 

Tuesday night Nim was up all night with tummy issues. We were out many times, in the pouring rain. He was also plain restless. I wish I could catch up on my sleep like Leela and Nim do after a long night like that.

I was determined yesterday to keep him awake and busy despite a ton of rain. So all the puzzles came out!

Think good homework thoughts for me. This week has been a bit sobering. These assignments seem to be the type in which you put hours in, but not much to show for it.

Stay tuned...I FINALLY have a project idea for my Mad Lunch Lady challenge, however I am on total restriction until a specific homework point, which so far I have been unable to meet. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Downton and Sugar with my Sugar

Out of respect for the last 5 people in the world that have not watched season 3 of Dowton Abbey I won't spoil it, but seriously? I have to remind myself this is basically a soap and in soaps tragedy upon tragedy likes to rain down.

I also could launch into a much larger Edith discussion. It is interesting to me that presumably we have come so far as women, but much of Edith's character in particular reminds me the many ways we haven't from a social judgement standpoint, although of all the girls this season she is out there breaking the female mold. 

Consider yourself spared. :)

This morning it wasn't raining. And despite being overly tired from my final Downton marathon we got out for a very quick walk. Have to take the dry weather when you can get it because mostly we have a cold rainy week ahead.

Last night I made this chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cup, brownie:

Vegan style of course and all from scratch recipes:

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Copycat Peanut Butter Eggs (minus the chocolate coating due to laziness)

I am actually surprised how great these came out. Not because I expected otherwise, given the combo, but because I didn't like the chocolate chip cookie dough raw, which is unheard of for me. Not sure what was going on there.

However you want to make these lovelies...enjoy. They are worth it. Have a great Tuesday. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vogue Knitting LIVE Marketplace...Basically a Post about Gnomes.

Today was the last day of the Vogue Knitting LIVE event in Bellevue and we went for the marketplace only. Some of the classes actually looked interesting, but just not a good time to give up a bunch of hours for knitting classes...we all know I give up hours for knitting and quilting just fine on my own without classes.

The marketplace did require an entry fee which I thought was a bit unfortunate since you should be there to buy. Maybe the vendors didn't have to pay for a booth? I don't know. There was so much inspiration and beautiful art!

Some of you might remember my beloved amigurumi hamster that my friend sent me in February. It still sits on my computer. These gnomes could have hitched a ride on my hamster.

Anna of Mochimochi Land is the artist behind all these gnome themed displays. She does a lot more than gnomes as you will see on her site, and check out her springtime contest! I know deep down my sister is already plotting.

Seriously some cute stuff.

The captions she writes for her displays are funny too.

Yes, that would be a gnome burial ground.

A  lot of people like these bowls that you can let your yarn sting out...presumably under control.

This was another gorgeous display. Note all the knitted flowers on the ground. Beautiful.

I hope you had a great weekend.