Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rusty's log 07.16.2011

Yesterday I rode in a strange car to a familiar place.

And I didn't even poop or pee in it. Now the house on the other hand...

You know with the rain and the door being in a different place than I remember and whatnot.

Meanwhile, back at my familiar location the Kong came out the window. Which is my favorite thing ever. I stare at the window often because I haven't yet figured out the mechanism that causes this to happen.

The force that is Merlin put up his own wards. I say it isn't my fault that his precious rug is still not dry.

Rogue River

Yesterday several of us took our dogs to the Rogue River. It is apparently still running pretty high and fast for the time of the year.

I was fine staying mostly on the river bank which was very hot. The surrounding woods are full of ticks, poison oak, and fox tail.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Later in the day...

Nim took a long needed nap after Jacksonville and I did homework. After that he was willing to do a bit of obedience and seemed less out of sorts.

I don't even want to know how many ticks I am sleeping with now though. I have pulled three off him already.

After the nap I took him back into the one acre fenced area with a favorite toy and sat on a bench to read while he played. This time he actually played. I think the toy helped a lot. And another dog showed up later that he could follow and be with.

Rusty meanwhile is hating the rain and making my sister's cat angry.

His dislike of the rain is causing a lot of the accident problems.

"Please let me in!"

Rusty's log 07.14.2011

Went swimming yesterday. Always the same. You circle one direction, and then I get held straight because I like to hitch the right leg. I fail to see the problem. I don't drown now do I?

Anyway, possibly woke up in a new location. Hard to tell. My smell is all over the place, but somehow the way out to poop is different. Occasionally I poop on the floor. But at least I am not peeing on it. Besides someone cleans it up.

I attempted to impress by tracking a deer. Why doesn't anyone ever appreciate how smart I am?

I sense an angry presence in the area. Goes by the name of Merlin. I am putting up my wards as we speak.


Clearly I brought this computer to blog instead of homework. That is Nim standing stone still in a full fenced acre. I have a series of photos like this because he would not move. He is standing still because he is too overstimulated to move.

Tonight my friend comes in with her more mature lab. I am hoping he will move more with another dog to run with and we can explore more of the acreage. This is an amazing property.

So. I decided we would take the few hours I was supposed to do homework in and go into downtown Jacksonville.

I really liked this well. They had a plastic bubble over it to keep the garbage out and presumably to protect the stone.

Nim has dropped all but basic obedience so far on this trip. His leash walking has been really a challenge which is frustrating for both of us. Since he spends most of his time with his ears back or scanning around I know that this is just the stage we are at and we will move through it.

His current favorite place to be is the trailer. I am guessing he will sleep better tonight.

Downtown Jacksonville didn't seem all that large. At least not the historic part. We did try and look in the windows of the rectory, but I think they were doing repair.

The main street set up looks like a frontier town.

And most of it wasn't even open yet. Nothing seemed to open until 10am or later.

Meanwhile back home, Rusty seems to think that my sister's house is where he has lived his entire life.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oregon roadtrip - Day one

Today Nim and I left for a road trip down to Jacksonville, Oregon to stay for about 5 days. It is about an 8 hour drive. Thankfully it rained less and less the more south we went. The above photo is at an Oregon rest stop that actually had a walking trail. There is supposed to be a representative tree for each state.

Thanks to my mom, I currently have a laptop and will actually maybe blog some of this trip which I hadn't planned on doing. I got nervous about my current class and was able to borrow my mom's laptop for the adventure! The added bonus to my Grammy is that there will be blog posts.

In addition to the laptop I also borrowed my parents Suburban. Nim likes this space a little too much.

Prior to heading out, Rusty and Nim had swimming so Nim slept for about the first 3 hours (thankfully).

He can stand and see so much more out of this car.

We are staying in a small trailer on about 11 acres of land. There is a lot of dogs around and Nim is driving me nuts. Although at this very moment he has given up and gone to sleep. I am really tired but can't sleep yet. And I always stink a bit at laptops so this post may be exceptionally disjointed.

He is smack in a suspicion stage. I really hope the last of the major suspicion stages. As the trip goes on he will adjust more and more. It is hard being a teenage Doberman.

He is confused by our new house.

In Rusty news I got a good call from my sister who he is staying with and thankfully he has decided to have a good day and is totally content.