Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Warm Wednesday to End April

So today the warm weather came on strong!

Can one tire of the faces of Leela? What the heck does that look mean? Did she forget what the sun felt like or something? Actually, in truth, Emile isn't far off and they have been known to fight for sun spot so perhaps that is her warning (or resignation) face.

By they way, it isn't like she suddenly makes a face when the camera comes out. She actually looks like that and then I go and get the camera.

Moving on...

Nim is easy to read. Sun + Meaty Bone = Happy.

I actually think there are no other thoughts in his head besides that basic equation.

I made the most of the weather and figured out how to work outside. Many of you have seen this umbrella set-up before.

Nim finally either got too hot or he wanted to share his bone with me so he stationed below the picnic table.

Not a bad day for us (except maybe Leela...depending on what she is thinking in that photo).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Morning

Nim and I definitely needed to get out early this morning. It was a pretty sunrise. This week is going to push 80s but as you can sort of see the mountains are still very snow loaded.

This might be a good week to arrange my flower baskets.

Nothing like a dog to remind you it is the little things that bring happiness. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Squirrels In A Tree - Ginormous Edition

We survived another week! It has been cooler and rainy for the end of the week. There appears to be a pellet stove truce going on. Although Emile looks more confident about it than Leela.

What I really wanted on Friday was Thai food, but that would have involved a drive into Issaquah and I was beyond spent. So instead it was time to wash Nim at Pet Place Market in town and impulse buy a $30 ginormous version of the Kyjen Hide-a Squirrel toy.

I really wish Rusty was still alive. His favorite part of the regular size was the stump (I am not even sure he knew the squirrels were in there). He would have loved a large stump like this.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

2 Weeks Into April Already!

I can't believe how quickly time is passing right now. Clearly I am failing miserably at my Friday posts on favorite organizations.

We had an unusually warm day again today. Flowers are blooming and I was able to take some time in the yard.

Nim waits all week for weekends like these. By Wednesday or Thursday of each work week Nim starts to really struggle with my work schedule and my patience wears thin. Friday is usually a day we just survive. Then the weekend comes and we balance out again.

Today he watched me clean the roof. It is a crappy job but at least it is over for the year.

Enjoy your Sunday!