Monday, December 19, 2016

Final Exam Done, More Quilting, and Winter Solstice is Coming!

It is a Monday!

My weekend started when I clicked "submit" on my final exam Friday. This should be my last final in a hopefully a very, very long time. I am ready to close the extended schooling chapter of life for now.

With the final behind me, I was able to devote potentially unhealthy amounts of hours to sewing. And yes, we still have snow. Although it is raining this morning so maybe mine will finally melt.

Here is a close up of some of the blocks. Very cute.

Meanwhile, I got another quilt started and this is a huge departure from my normal fabric choices. I love it already.

Wednesday will be the shortest day of the year! I get so excited about the Winter Solstice. Although you never notice the changes right away, just knowing I am past the shortest day of the year is usually very inspiring.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nim and Santa

Hahahaha. Today I was at Petsmart looking for something else and wouldn't you Santa photos! I think it is great they offer this.

I love it. I actually like that the Santa waved. We kept trying to put Nim on the side, but he wouldn't sit close, so we tried putting him in front which went better. Whatever makes him happy and gets me my photo. :)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Day

Well. Here is how things were supposed to go: light snow Thursday night, turning to rain. It is currently about 3:30pm on Friday and the snow in North Bend has yet to let up. And there is nothing light about it.

I am actually used to us being outside the forecast, but what caught even me off guard is the lower Cascades (which I live against) have been so terribly windy I don't even think they thought we would get much of the light snow!

Today was a studying day for my finals anyway. So I have sat around and gone out to play on breaks.

I didn't tell him to sit in that photo by the way. He did, sideways, with his eyes closed. Shortly after this photo was taken he took off like a little jumping bean.

Except for not really planning on this much snow, it has been a welcomed change to the wind. It has just been so cold. It is actually warmer right now, even with the snow.

Awww Nim. Your little baby face. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Icy December Start and Quilt Progress

Hello from the freezing Snoqualmie Valley. In the past few days we have experienced our first lower elevation dusting of snow. It is too cold. :) But no denying it is pretty.

Nim insists on his walks. Put his fancy jacket on and he is good to go!

I continue to sew when I can, but progress is slow. My final is December 16th and I can't wait to get that study time back.

Since I have laid out the first quilt top, all is right in Leela's world. She is unfazed when I chase her off. She knows my back has to turn to run the sewing machine.

I haven't done the borders yet on this first top, but you can get the idea. The photos make the red look a lot more pink.

Close-up of some of the blocks, and a more true to color red:

Meanwhile, the blocks on the next quilt are in progress. As you can tell these fabric choices are actually all part of the same line.

Such cute animals.

I am looking forward to major work on this one, but for now, back to studying. I have to schedule exams through ProctorU and even if I wanted to forget about the final I get regular reminder e-mail about my upcoming exam appointment. Time to be adult about it.