Monday, February 13, 2017

Boulder Garden Loop

It is amazing to realize that last Monday I was completely snowed in, and this Monday the sun is shining and both Nim and I could hike without jackets.

The snow level is still really low and I didn't want to hike in snow today anyway, so I opted to stay closer to home on my winter loops. Today was a good day for the Boulder Garden Loop off Little Si.

We didn't have a tight window, so I made sure we detoured to see how the forest fire burn area is recovering.

Slowly the black on the tree is becoming less stark, but it is still pretty hard to miss.

Nim was so happy to be out.

It is always hard not to over hike during these first nice hiking days.

For the most part we had the hike to ourselves until we were on the way out. The few people we ran into were all happy to be out on such a pretty day.

For me, this was also a birthday hike. And how lucky am I to get weather like this for it. :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Snow and Cascade Yarns Knitterati Afghan Knit-along

January was such a stinker it wasn't worth blogging about. Ha! Thankfully Chinese New Year happened at the end of the month and helped turn the bad energy around.

Today we woke up to another deep snow.

Thankfully this did not delay my long awaited shipment from The UPS guy was super nice and walked all the way up my driveway!

I had decided to participate in the Cascade Yarns Knitterati Afghan Knit-along and after much agonizing I realized the quickest way to settling my yarn problem was to order a kit.This is always painful when you are already sitting on as much yarn as I am.

I decided to go with the "Jewel" 5 color option rather than the "Original." Cascade Yarns actually posted several color alternatives. It has been fun to follow on Ravelry as block 1 and block 2 have already released. It is great to see the variation. I have some catching up to do!

The electric blanket has been working overtime. As always, I am ready for summer. Leela is probably ambivalent as long as the bed is kept warm. Mostly I could do with more light and longer days.