Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bought too many fat quarters

It took me a bit when I first started quilting to realize that a lot of quilt patterns actually require fabric much larger than fat quarters. Fortunately I was given the book "Phenomenal fat quarter quilts" and this is one of the quilts I made from it. It is perfect for a newer quilter like me that needs some general guidelines (like amount of fat quarters needed) but still wants the chance to be as creative as possible.

Since I have began quilting a couple of years ago I was adament that I wasn't going to applique. In my opinion, my knitting was for my handwork...quilting was for the machine. But occasionally a pattern would really call to me so I broke down and attended a beginning applique class at Quiltworks Northwest. The class was Nancy Lee Chong: Needleturn Applique and it was pretty much opinion altering for me. I plan on starting an applique pattern very soon. Sadly she is leaving the area and heading for Oregon because it was a great class.

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  1. Hi! It's me!!!
    Applique will totally suck you's so much fun and I love to see the designs come to life. I'm so glad you learned's all I ever do. I do use freezer paper for templates, but I hate stitching with it attached.