Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas creations

I didn't get to sew as much as I had wanted for Christmas gifts; but I did make a couple of things.

One was a yoga mat bag. I followed Simplicity 3683 "Yoga accessories." Ugh. The pattern. It was painfully obvious how long it had been since I had followed one of these types of patterns when I made this bag. I have high hopes that these pattern companies are going to start pushing themselves either into the digital and/or color photo age of patterns.

I honestly am lucky that I actually did take some sewing classes as a kid and have a base of knowledge on how to read these patterns. I am so used to magazine patterns now, or small company envelope patterns/books with color photos and where they must do a lot more testing and if there is a mistake it is a lot easier to find a correction online.

I might be a little bit bitter because of how long it took me to understand a basic pocket. :) The result was great though!

I also knitted a dress for a bunny I had knitted a few years ago. This pattern comes from the book Debbie Bliss "Toy Knits," and the pattern is "Farmer Rabbit." I think this is the 3rd article of clothing I have made for that bunny.