Saturday, January 2, 2010

Owls and Kittens

This quilt started probably a good 4 years ago (at least). It was born from a fabric purchase. :) I saw the cute kitty print and the owl print, instantly knew which person in my life would love them, and bought several yards of both - without a planned pattern.

The pattern was taken from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, November 2003, No. 357, and it is called "Dressed to the Nines" by the Yakima Valley Quilter's Guild of Yakima, Washington. The pattern was supposed to have applique in it which at the time I was convinced I would never do so I got around that by using a fabric with prints for the borders and for the contrasting to the nice-patch blocks.

You can imagine the large applique flower that was supposed to go in the center.

Part of the reason I selected the pattern was the illusion of curving as the pattern went to a point on each side.

I got to use a lot of browns in the finishing which I love. The red on the other hand was a huge risk for me but it worked well. :)

The quilt is just huge. It is another pretty much queen-sized. I have since got a lot better at reading patterns before I start so I can either bring them down in size or avoid them all together.