Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice Sunny Day

This morning Rusty was in the bathroom with me while I was brushing my hair. I couldn't figure out why he was in there with me (most people's closets are larger than this bathroom so having a person and a dog in there is tight) when suddenly he started barking at the ground and pouncing and stamping his feet.

Once the fly was dead (I have no doubt it was a very evil fly), Rusty picked it up in his mouth, did a death shake, and spit it back on the floor. If Rusty can kill spiders like that I will forgive all the offenses against my home and my car.
I got him a new Nylabone for the yard to see if it will help him settle a bit while I do my yard work and it seems to be helping to encourage him to take some breaks - eventually I kennel him in the house so he will rest that body.

Every once in awhile I would hear some galloping and there would go Rusty; chasing some bug. When he runs it is sort of like watching a pig run - very stiff and ungraceful and very entertaining.

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